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House Kravzo'ch in the 14th Century

House Kravzo'ch was founded in the aftermath of the Hur'q Invasion, the founder of the House being granted the right as reward for his actions during the fighting upon Qo'nos. Little more is known of the House until the wars between the Empire and United Earth / United Federation of Planets in the 22nd and 23rd Centuries, and even then there is only scattered mention of the ships of House Kravzo'ch, and of a warrior named Ja'Nak serving as a member of the Chancellors Yan-Isleth bodyguards.

House Kravzo'ch in the 15th Century

House Kravzo'ch in the 16th Century

House Kravzo'ch in the 17th Century

House Kravzo'ch in the 18th Century

House Kravzo'ch in the 19th Century

House Kravzo'ch in the 20th Century

House Kravzo'ch in the 21st Century

House Kravzo'ch in the 22nd Century

House Kravzo'ch in the 23rd Century

In the aftermath of the Praxis Disaster in 2294, House Kravzo'ch were vocal in their support of Chancellor Gorkon's desire for peace with the Federation. The warrior Janu'th is known to be a respected member of the Chancellors Yan-Isleth Bodyguards.

House Kravzo'ch in the 24th Century

Initially favouring Duras as a stronger candidate, upon the outbreak of the civil war in late 2367, House Kravzo'ch sided with the legally appointed Gowron, and took part in some of the bitterest fighting upon Qo'nos.

The House was a reluctant participant in the 2372-73 Klingon-Federation War, believing it to be misjudged folly. Threatened with attack from their fellow Houses, their stance was justified with the revelation of Dominion involvement. The House was an especially violent participant in the following Dominion War.

In 2380, General Krala was appointed Mistress of House Kravzo'ch and at some point afterwards became a follower of the Cult of Molor.

The Battle of Vankoth II on Stardate 239706.19 saw the death of General Krala and many of her followers in combat with the USS Narendra. Her son and heir, Commander Janul, was taken into Federation custody in the aftermath of the battle. Janul's cousin, the feared warrioress Tahl seized control of the House for herself, marking several weeks of bloody purges as she cleared out those remaining loyal to Krala and her dark masters.

As of 2398, the House of Kravzo'ch is slowly rebuilding all that it has lost.

House Kravzo'ch Hall of Honour

*House Kravzo'ch Order of Jat'tha.

239805.15: Commodore Sal Taybrim

*House Kravzo'ch Order of Kra'th.

*House Kravzo'ch Medal of Valour.

239805.15: Lieutenant-Commander Alora DeVeau, Lieutenant-Commander Arturo Maxwell, Lieutenant-Commander Solaris McLaren, Major Tatash, Lieutenant Sheila Bailey, Lieutenant (JG) Prudence Blackwell, Ensign Taelon, Ensign German Galven, Ensign Ashley Yael, Ensign Talas Beck, Ensign Drevas Matthel & Ensign Isaiah Andrews.

* House Kravzo'ch Distinction in Battle Award.

239805.15: USS Narendra.