Historical File: Constitution Class Starship

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Constitution class
Constitution class


  • Type: Heavy Cruiser
  • Production Base:
    • San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 288.6 meters
    • Beam: 127.1 meters
    • Height: 72.6 meters
  • Size Comparison:
  • Mass: 190,000 metric tons
  • Accommodation: 430 officers and crew
  • Performance: Warp 8 (Original Cochrane Unit warp scale)
  • Armament:
    • Two retractable single mount phaser emplacements
    • Two photon torpedo launchers

Class Overview

(From Haynes USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual)

In the second half of the 23rd century, Constitution-class starships were in the front line of Starfleet's mission to explore the galaxy. They were tasked with supporting newly established colonies and research missions, exploring new worlds, and seeking out new life. They also patrolled the Federation's borders, ready to respond to hostile alien powers. All Constitution-class ships served with distinction, but the Enterprise NCC-1701 became the most famous.

Constitution-class ships were among the most advanced ships in Starfleet. They were fitted with matter/antimatter warp engines that gave them a regular cruising speed of Warp 6, and could maintain speeds of Warp 8 and above for limited periods of time. The class's structure was strong enough to survive speeds in excess of Warp 10 on the old warp scale (or around Warp 8 on the redrawn scale in use in the 24th century). The warp engines were the class's primary power supply, with the impulse engines offering a backup, but if they failed, these ships could survive on battery power for approximately a week.

Constitution Class MSD

Deck Listing

(From the Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Deck Locations
1 Bridge
2 Science labs
3 Science labs, life support
4 Crew quarters
5 Crew quarters, including Captain's quarters
6 Crew quarters
7 Sickbay, transporter room, briefing room, computer core, impulse engines
8 Food preparation, recreation deck, ship's laundry, life support
9 Freight and cargo
10 Freight and cargo
11 Phaser controls
12 Interial dampening system, observation deck
13 Observation deck, dorsal interconnects
14 Engineering support, water storage
15 Deuterium fuel storage
16 Deuterium fuel storage
17 Crew quarters
18 Power distribution subsystems
19 Main Engineering, Hangar deck
20 Shuttlecraft maintenance
21 Life support systems, cargo bays
22 Cargo bays
23 Antimatter storage pod


Tour of USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), c. 2269