Hijacked (Resolution)

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  • Written by Toni Turner
  • Start Date: 238609.31
  • Status: In Progress
  • Situation: While the USS Resolution crew enjoys a much needed shore leave on SB185, the Federation begins to send food, building supplies, etc. to Duronis II, but when two of the freighters disappear, the Resolution is sent to find out what has happened to them.

Briefing Summary: Four weeks previously, four freighters with a cargo of supplies were deployed from Deep Space Nine. They have since disappeared somewhere between Deep Space 9 and Deep Space 24. Last contact was established during a routine check-in with Starbase G-6 near Betazed. The crew of the Resolution is tasked to discover the whereabouts of the freighters. Their only clue is the influx of piracy in the area. All crew have been put on immediate alert with Marines and Security deployments beginning pre-mission preparations for anything that could occur.

They are currently journeying to the last known whereabouts of the freighters.