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A 'hexagon' is colloquial name for a communication device in the form of a green gem-like hexagon. The device allows for long range communication via an unknown intermediary between two parties. They are used by criminal actors and underground organizations in the Shoals[1][2].


The device allows for long range communication via an unknown intermediary between two parties. The issuer of a hexagon is at an advantage – they can permanently sever the link at any time, which makes tracing them impossible, by either the holder of the hexagon, or authorities. Their use has allowed piracy and smuggling in the Shoals to increase, with the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service reporting more instances of the device being found.

They have slowly become more prolific throughout the Shoals. The reason for this is unknown.


Externally, the devices have the appearance of a green hexagon-shaped gem stone with an internal light source (when linked). Conversely the internal design of of the communications device is a crude mix of different generations and origins of components. Part of its design is so that they can be deactivated remotely, making the other party untraceable. Because of this, it is thought that the hexagons may be initially issued as a pair.

One of the components inside of the hexagon looks like a single popcorn kernel that acts as a subspace transmitter, that has been previously traced back to the Orions. In one hexagon device, the transmitter was dated to be at least 105 years old.

The maximum communication range of a hexagon device has a estimated to be approximately 12000 kilometres, however this has not been confirmed. It is thought that from the transceiver signature and the nature of the components, there may to be an intermediary broker such as a ship or a ground-based amplifier[3].

The communication device glows bright green when it's active and linked, but once communications have been cut, fades to a dull green. When the link becomes severed, some of the components become fused.

Analysis and Investigations

Only a very small number of hexagons have been found by both Starfleet and the CCMS, in the possession of convicted criminals. Each one found has had their link remotely severed and their internal components fused. They have been difficult to reverse engineer as a result[4].


Other than having possible Orion Syndicate origins, little is known by Starfleet about the hexagons. While there are definite connections to the Orion syndicate, they do not use them exclusively.


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