T'Var Helling/Personal Log

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Star Date Log Entry
239209.01 I was advised today by a Engineering Ensign to start a personal log. It’s not something that I’ve previously kept, truth be told I never saw the purpose. But the Ensign in question seems to find that keeping a personal log helps her work though things that have happened during the day. Personally I doubt that I will find the same thing to be true but I have been trying to find new ways of relaxing and maybe keeping a log will do just that.
239209.02 I've arranged to go on a date with Ensign Roshacari. She's a young and very beautiful half Ash'lie half Betazoid woman. When I first met her I knew I felt something for her I just didn't know if she'd feel anything for me. But as it turns out she does. So now we're here, going on a date.

I have only one concern, she's I'm her superior; she's a Security Officer. Should that mean I shouldn't date her? I mean, isn't it a kind of favoritism? I always tried to treat the officers who report to me in the same way, it was only fair. But when I was an Ensign I dated my Chief. The age old question: duty or emotion. I know how a Vulcan would argue but I can't switch off my feelings. I'll follow my gut, it's always served me well in the past and it says I should try it and see what happens. It'll be it's own adventure and that's what I told myself I'd live for.