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Starfleet Assessments and Records

These are the records for Major Heath West's career, according to Starfleet Records, including all missions that he has participated in to date.

Heath's career in the Starfleet Military has been a turbulent one. He has retired from Service once and been recalled for his skills in Marine Diplomacy and Tactics. This list shows his professional life from his first enrolment in the Starfleet Marines until the present day.

Insignia Rank Dates Assignment Post
001-Cadet4th-Gold.jpg Cadet, 4th Class 236608.20 - 236707.31
Starfleet Academy,
San Fransisco,
Major: Engineering/Warp Theory
Minor: Tactics
002-Cadet3rd-Gold.jpg Cadet, 3rd Class 236709.01 – 236807.31
003-Cadet2nd-Gold.jpg Cadet, 2nd Class 236809.01 – 236907.31
004-Cadet1st-Gold.jpg Cadet, 1st Class 236909.01 – 237007.31
004-Cadet1st-Gold.jpg 237008.23 – 237106.31
USS Centris-A
004-Cadet1st-Gold.jpg 237108.11 – 237201.17
USS Gallipolis
Training Deployment
DS9style-2lt green.png Second Lieutenant 237208.01 - 237312.01
USS Thunder
Flight Officer, Valiant Order
DS9 1stLt.png First Lieutenant 237312.01 – 237412.01 Elemental Leader, Valiant Order
DS9style-mcpt green.png Marine Captain 237412.01 – 237503.17 Executive Officer, Valiant Order
DS9style-mcpt green.png Marine Captain 237503.17 - 237702.09 CO of 104th Black Ravens
DS9style-major green.png Major 237702.09 - 237804.01 CO of 104th & 105th Black Ravens
Voluntary Retirement 237804.01
Citizen of the Federation
DS9style-amb red.png Civilian 238311.19 - 238404.29
USS Challenger
Diplomatic Envoy
Award 238312.28
Neelix Award
DS9style-amb red.png Civilian 238404.29 - 238414.09
USS Challenger
DS9style-mcpt green.png Marine Captain 238414.09 - 238508.03 Ambassador
Award 238501.08
B-Plot Award
Award 238501.08
Nebula Bar
DS9style-major green.png Major 238508.03 - 238507.20
USS Challenger
Battalion Executive Officer
DS9style-major green.png Major 238507.20
Missing in Action
DS9style-major green.png Major 238601.15 - 238605.03
USS Steadfast
Battalion Executive Officer
DS9style-major green.png Major 238605.03 - Present
StarBase 118 Ops
General Envoy
DS9style-major green.png Major 238609.04 - 238610.21
USS Resolution
Strategic Operations Officer
DS9style-major green.png Major 238610.21 - 238707.23
USS Ronin
Strategic Operations Officer
DS9style-major green.png Major 238702.08
Alpha Quadrant
Marine Leader, USS Azincourt
DS9style-major green.png Major 238801.01
DS9style-major green.png Major 238802.03
Avaya, Knape System
Ambassador, Marine Leader
DS9style-major green.png Major 238811.06 - 238811.28
Embassy of Duronis II
Marine Commanding Officer
DS9style-major green.png Major 238811.28
Breen Prisoner
DS9style-major green.png Major 238901.02
Starfleet Medical
In Rehabilitation
DS9style-major green.png Major 238901.09 - 238905.10
Embassy of Duronis II
Marine Speciailist
DS9style-major green.png Major 238905.10 - Present
Romulan Recolonisation

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