Hathaway, Noah

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238011.25 His father had a saying. Actually, the saying was much older than his father, but Elias Hathaway had claimed it for his own, and used it every chance he got. The saying was "If man was meant to fly, he'd have wings." Noah was pretty sure that meant that his father was afraid of heights. He had never seen his father higher than the third floor of a building. His father used the saying to try to dissuade Noah from applying to Starfleet Academy. Noah was pretty sure that meant that his father was worried about his welfare.

Elias Hathaway was one of the few professional deep sea divers left on Earth. Most others used submersible craft of one kind or another. Even the marine biologists that sometimes contracted his father to do work for them would use transporters to reach their underwater stations. Elias was a born swimmer and loved his job. Ironically the last time Noah and his father spoke they had been in an argument that ended with Noah saying that if man were meant to swim, he'd have gills. Noah's mother said that Elias would get over it. That had been four years ago.

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