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Harbour Master (Harbourmaster)

In old Earth Naval tradition a Harbour Master was the official responsible for enforcing the regulations of a particular harbour or port, in order to ensure the safety of navigation, the security of the harbour and the correct operation of the port facilities.

In Starfleet, a Harbour Master discharges much the same duties within the context of the 24th century. Such duties would include (though not be limited to): overseeing staffing and shift rotations; managing and supervising allocation of resources within the Shuttlebay; management and supervision of shuttle maintenance; oversight of inbound and outbound flight paths; oversight and supervision of Shuttlebay projects; ensuring general enforcement of operational and safety protocols and policies.

Typically, the office of Harbourmaster is reserved for planet side installations and Space Stations as the Shuttlebays in these locations operate in a manner akin to the facilities of a traditional port or harbour. Installations with low shuttle traffic may have just one Harbour Master. Installations with higher volumes of traffic (or quantity of shuttles and resources) might have a greater need and capacity for additional roles, such as a Harbour Master’s Assistant or three Duty Harbour Masters working on rotation under the general direction of a Presiding Harbour Master (know as ‘Chief of Port’). In short, a Harbour Master’s responsibilities can mirror that of a Chief of Department depending on the operational needs of the installation.

As vessels are not ports or harbours, it is unusual for ships to have a Harbour Master, though not prohibited.

In accordance with old Earth Naval tradition, where a Harbour Master did not necessarily have to be a Naval Officer, the office of Harbour Master is open to both Officer and Enlisted ranks. Typically, however, an Enlisted Crewman would need the rank of Petty Officer before holding this office due to the responsibility for line managing Crewman within the Shuttlebay. As all Officers out rank Enlisted crewmen, an Ensign may hold this office.