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The Duke Konrad Hallstein, is a Laudean, and former member of that species' noble class. He currently lives on Betazed, with the other members of the Laudean nobility which escaped death during the Great Revolution.


  • Full Name: Konrad Asbjørn Karl Hallstein
  • Style: "His Royal Highness The Prince Karl Hallstein, Duke of Trøndelag, Duke of Hallingdal" (In Manar, the younger children of a monarch are styled by their highest title (Prince or Princess), but are commonly referred to by their first, lesser title (Duke or Duchess), while the while the eldest child is commonly referred to by their highest title, Prince or Princess.)
  • Position: 7th in the line of succession to the throne of Manar.


  • Race: Laudean
  • Date of Birth: June 4th, 2353
  • Place of Birth: Florø, Akershus Region, Kingdom of Manar, Til'ahn (Duronis II)
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: n/a


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dirty blond
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Laudean Color: Blue


  • Parents
    • Father: His Majesty the King of Manar, Tor Hallstein
    • Mother: Her Majesty the Queen of Manar, Malin Hallstein
  • Siblings:
    • HRH the Prince of Manar, Kjell (eldest child)
    • The Duchess of Naumdælafylke and Vestfold, Marte (second eldest)
    • The Duchess of Østerdal, Inger (third eldest)


  1. 235306.04: Konrad is born at the royal vacation palace in Florø. He is the fourth child of King Tor and Queen Malin of Manar.
  2. 238003.29: Konrad and family are evacuated from Til'ahn, as the Great Revolution begins.
  3. 238004.15: The remaining nobility of Til'ahn take residence on StarBase 118 as guests of the Federation, until further accommodations can be made.
  4. 238201.15: The remaining nobility of Til'ahn are welcomed to Betazed as guests of the First and Sixth houses.