Hallia Yellir

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Hallia Yellir is a Yelikan Science Officer currently serving aboard the USS Resolution

USS Resolution
Hallia Yellir
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Yelikan
Gender Female
DOB 237603.26
Age 22
Birthplace Capital District, Yelik
Writer ID G239409EK0


  • Full Name: Hallia Yellir
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Yelikan
  • Date of Birth: 237603.26
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5"1
  • Weight: 135lbs
  • Hair: Purple, often done up in semi elaborate styles, or heavily teased out
  • Eyes: Bright, almost neon pink
  • Skin Tone: Rich, reddish pink
  • Build: Thin, lean

Personality and Mannerisms

  • Hobbies: Dressmaking, Reading (Especially Poetry), Writing Poetry, Storytelling
  • Likes: Music (personally preferring soul music originating from earth, or classical Yelikan folk songs), Games (Chess, Board games, etc), Animals, People, Cooking.
  • Dislikes: Sudden loud noises, overly stressful or tense situations, being unwell, doing nothing
  • Demeanour: Sweet, quiet, ditzy, reserved, undisciplined, caring
  • Mannerisms: Thinks out loud, Tends to talk to herself
  • Taste in Clothing: Prefers something colourful and practical, opting for patterned shirts, dresses and pants with flat shoes. She prefers bright colours.

Hallia can often find herself caught off guard in social situations, often getting herself flustered or confused in a conversation. She enjoys the company of others, embracing a different side of herself around those she's close to. Hallia can be seen as a little strange, a little bubbly and sometimes eerily happy. She embraces her humble beginnings, seeing the idea of helping and serving others as a blessing to be shared. However, Hallia is often a little too trusting, never always seeing the full picture of another's intentions.



  • Mother: Mellii Yellir
  • Father: Veryl Yellir (deceased)


  • Anderin Yellir (Brother)
  • Pilliya Yellir (Sister)
  • Remmil Yellir (Sister)
  • Baraann Yellir (Brother)
  • Rewn Yellir (Brother)


  • None

Personal History

Hallia grew up alongside her large family of 6 siblings in the brutal class-based society on Yelik as the 5th born child in her family. Hallia's parents both worked as merchants typically specialising in the selling of exotic fruits, meats and foodstuffs in general on Yelik. Oftentimes the family would travel in order to make use of business opportunities and obtain other wares that would be sold in different establishments. However, growing up in near poverty conditions, the family could barely afford to educate their children above basic reading and writing. There were few signs they were ever going to work their way out of their financial predicament, often living from payday to payday. Life only got harder for the family after Hallia was born, however, after the passing of her father in a freak accident, Hallia's mother was forced to run the shop on her own, until she began asking her children to lend a hand. The business became very family-oriented, teaching Hallia a lot about exotic, uncommon and common foods in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. She picked up on quite a few recipes as well, learning a thing or two in how to cook and what is and isn't edible. Stewed rodents were often her favourite, as they were easy to find and easy to prepare.

Seeking a means to educate herself higher, and perhaps even one day bring home a way for her family to live elsewhere, Hallia looked to Starfleet. Not only for her own benefit, but as a way for her to perhaps even help the people back home, Hallia began learning as much as she could and even working her way up as an officer in medical. She hopes that one day she can make Yelika a better place.

Beginning her career in starfleet, Hallia began studying to gain a commissioned rank during her time as an enlisted officer. Focusing on areas such as medical sciences and xenobiology.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-recruit teal.png
Recruit 239310.31 - 239410.31 Starfleet Academy Medical Reruit
DS9style-crew3 teal.png
Crewman Third Class 239510.31 - 239603.28 USS Fortunate Cheif Medical Officer's Yeoman
DS9style-crew2 teal.png
Crewman Second Class 239603.18 - 239701.13 USS Astraeus Nursing Aide
DS9style-crew1 teal.png
Crewman First Class 239701.13 - 239701.30 USS Eagle Nursing Aide
DS9style-cadet4 blue.png
Cadet First Class 239701.30 - 239801.10 Starfleet Academy Science Cadet
DS9style-ens blue.png
Ensign 239801.10 - Present USS Resolution Science Officer

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