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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code HALI
Federation Status Member
Planet of Origin Halii, on the outskirts of the Federation
Encountered TNG: Aquiel
T/E Rating E3
Current Tech Level N
List of Named Haliians

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The Haliians are a humanoid species from the planet Halii, and are a member species of the United Federation of Planets.


  • Proper Name: Haliian
  • Pronunciation:

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta or Alpha ?
  • Location: ??? Sector (coordinates ??? )
  • Proper Name: ???
  • Pronunciation: ???
  • Star: Class G (Yellow) star
  • Companions: 5 planets

Home World

  • Proper Name: Halii
  • Pronunciation:
  • Diameter: 12,749 km (7,968 miles)
  • Distance from Star: Approximately 158 million km
  • Position in System: 4th planet
  • Gravity: 1.06 standard gravity with a density of 5.8
  • Axial Tilt: 0.87%, no appreciable tilt and no seasons
  • Orbital Period: 471 days
  • Rotational Period: 36 hours
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 58%
    • Atmosphere: 1.07 is a standard pressure with 75% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 1% trace chemicals
    • Climate: Warm semi-tropical with tropical at the equator.
    • Population: Just over 750 million


2290 -- Members of the Haliian Oceanographic Institute were invited to participate in oceanic studies on the human colony world of Lolagi IV. What began as an annex of sorts of the Haliian Oceanographic Institute would become the center of a thriving offworld Haliian community.

2381 - A group of terrorists were operating in the system, trying to persuade planets on the outskirts of the Federation to break away. They weren't having much luck persuading the inhabitants that the Federation was a poor ally and would not be there for them in a time of crisis. They bombed several key towns and cities, burning them to the ground. The Federation did respond and send aid, though it took some time for that aid to arrive. It came too late for many countless thousands of families. In the end the planet remained loyal thanks to the hard work of the diplomatic corps and generous aid offered on arrival.




The Haliians are a telepathic species, although they are limited to person to person empathy. A special crystal called a Canar, when held by an Haliian, has the potential to greatly increase their telepathic abilites and allow them to 'bond' with others and share their thoughts.

Externally, they are distinguished by the fact that their foreheads have a slight bulge above each eyebrow. They also have a distinctive crevice between the brows, on the bridge of the nose.







One of their holidays is the Batarael, at which a traditional song called the Horath is sung.




Since Halii is on the outskirts of Federation Space and can't always rely upons swift aid from the Federation they have maintained their Combined Defence Force. It is a small, modest force which operates on the ground, in and around the system to maintain security and react to emergencies.

Federation Intelligence Files

Aquiel Uhnari and her sister Shianna were Haliians. (TNG: "Aquiel")