Hail House Fanel - R&R On Gaia Gone Wrong? (Indria-A)

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Hail House Fanel - R&R On Gaia Gone Wrong?

After the initial mission to the cloaked planet and the return to Starbase 118 to make repairs and pick up essential personnel, the USS Indria and crew headed towards a planet called Gaia. The planet is the homeworld of Lt. Cmdr Jacen Fanel. Cmdr Cura Assanti had heard of Gaia from Lt Cmdr Fanel as being a beautiful planet, not unlike Earth. Armed with this knowledge, Cmdr Assanti decided to take the Indria crew to Gaia for a full crew camping trip for their R&R. It was different than the typical places like Risa or Argelius II. Yet, Cmdr Assanti knew that her crew need to become familiar with one another and using the idea of a former Captain, the camping trip idea came to life. She had surmised that a camping trip would initially require her crew members to work together in setting up camp and thus forced to interact and bond. However, as always in Star Fleet, there was always some bump in the smooth road.

Klingon High Council Investigator Yu'ltak presented himself to Cmdr Assanti after her medical episode on Starbase 118. The Klingon Investigator had insisted on making inquiries, which eventually had him as a guest on their ship as they headed towards Gaia.

Cmdr Assanti called for a meeting with the Klingon where she had Lt. Cmdr Diamond, Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich, Lt. Cmdr Fanel, Cmdr Perkins and Lt. Vetri in attendance. At this meeting the Klingon Yu'ltak charged Lt. Cmdr Fanel with the death of the Klingon Kreggor who had kidnapped Cmdr Assanti, her adopted son Mulan and her nanny, Naomi. Despite the charge being on Lt. Cmdr Fanel, Yu'ltak listed fines towards Cmdr Assanti in the amount of 1500 gold bars of Latinum, two uninhabited planet in the Argelians system plus the Argelus II's moon. Shocked by these fines, Cura was a bit perplexed. Yet Yu'ltak then offered a way out....an marriage arrangement with a Klingon General. Cmdr Assanti then excused herself to think about the situation as well to buy herself some time to figure out what was really going on. After this, the Indria men met in a secret meeting as well as the Indria's females. The Indria's female crew decided on ganging up on Yu'ltak, perhaps getting him drunk and encouraging him to slip his tongue. However, as the plan was put into motion, Ensign Saja Jo'kor had challenged Yu'ltak to an arm wrestling match. During this engagement, Lt. jg Vetri was able to pick his brain using her telepathic skills and found out that Yu'ltak had been paid to set up the Captain and Lt. Cmdr Fanel. Armed with this knowledge, Saja reported to Captain Assanti what had been discovered. Then, things took a turn for the worse. Alarms sounded off with phaser fire, Yu'ltak turned up dead, a prisoner involved with Yu'ltak wound up dead as well and Cmdr Perkins was struck down by an unknown force. With all this going hay wire,Cmdr Assanti called for a quick staff meeting where she displayed her anger and demanded to know of what's going on on the ship as soon as it happened. Then she quickly made a dash for the brandy bottle. Lt Cmdr Diamond then went after her to find out what was wrong. The pair had a heart to heart and then returned. Cmdr Assanti then calmed herself and asked that everyone resume previous investigations.

Lt. Cmdr Fanel was placed in charge of the ship as Cmdr Perkins was unable to perform his duties. As Acting FO, Lt. Cmdr Fanel took command and got the Indria to it's intended destination of the Gaian System - Home of House Fanel and a hidden empire of billions.

However upon entry into the Gaian system, the Indria crew was meet with a fire fight between what looked to be Breen and ships of "Federations design". However, after Lt. Cmdr Fanel hailed the enemy and voiced a declaration of who was who, the reinforcements arrive in full force. Lt. Cmdr Fanel was greeted by his cousin, Alexander and is fleet of ships. They were led and directed to follow course headings to the planet of Gaia.

Once there, the crew learned little by little of the political turmoil that the entire system was experiencing. Rumors of revolt led by someone within the imperial family. Jacen was concern and somewhat angry that he was left out of the loop. He originally wanted to go home after the attempted assassination on his life and his children, which were not even born, still within his pregnant wife. The dead of his son via stillbirth left the young commander angry and wanting blood. His return home was not for vacation but for answers and vengeance. The command staff were welcomed into Atlantis, the capital of Gaia, a beautiful city that looked both ancient and advanced in technology. From here on until the end of the shore leave, Jacen wasn't wearing his Starfleet uniform and was seen for the first time in the royal military uniform of his House.

The initial lunch meet was abruptly interrupted by an attack, which shocked Jacen seeing this was the imperial palace, the most heavily guarded real estate in the system. He discovered his brother, Dante, is leading a revolt with a fleet under his command, his goal was to expand their little empire beyond their home system and take back what belonged to them, the heart of the Federation, the birthplace of man, Earth. His megalomaniac goal was to eventually start a new war to conquer all of space. With agents representing every known species to infiltrate the major powers, the threat was very real. Jacen had no choice but to take arms with his crew to stop his brother.

In the night, Dante managed to take control of the castle everyone was staying in, with the planetary defense under his control, he demanded everyone recognize him by the title of King instead of the family hereditary title Duke.

Left with only the command staff and a few loyal guards, Jacen lead the charge and fought his way to the throne room. Brother vs Brother, warrior vs warrior. It could not get anymore cliche as Jacen pointed out. Jacen and his captain, Cura, engaged Dante in a sword fight that left Cura seriously injured and Jacen to fight his brother alone. Diamond was able to join in after Jacen had defeated his brother, but the victory was short lived as Dante had an escape plan. The large stain glass window behind the throne broke as Dante made his escape, the resulting shock knocked over a stone pillar and pinned Jacen to the ground. Vainly firing his phaser at Dante, who smiled and laughed like a villain, Jacen screamed as he regret not killing his brother, which in his mind would have stopped this rebellion.

Dante had escaped, taking a fleet with him into exile out of the system, to parts unknown. As the entire system gear up for civil war, Jacen was prepared to return to Starfleet. Almost regretting it, he knew there was nothing he could do now.

It took some time for things to calm down. Waiting for his father to resume control, Jacen sat on the very throne he wanted no part in, holding the sword of Fanel. When his older brother wanted to relieve him, Jacen responded with hostility. He had earned the right by fire and blood to sit in the chair as any worthy leader of the House would have proven. His older brother backing down, Jacen remained in power over the realm for what short time it felt, he was in charge.

The time came to leave and Jacen gave back the sword of his house to his father. The old Duke gave his son a send off before Jacen departed the throne room. It would have been disrespectful for Jacen to not return the imperial salute. Jacen didn't want to, but his breeding and upbringing made him do it. Even though he was not wearing the uniform of his House, he obliged his father and the people witnessing.

As they departed the system Jacen still could hear the unison chant of the grand hall. "Hail House Fanel"..."Long live the empire"