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Marine Captain Jean-Philippe Habert, a Terran, is currently the commanding officer of the Marine Battalion assigned to security of the Federation Embassy on Duronis II.


  • Full Name: Jean-Philippe
  • Nicknamed: Capitaine Jean
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: Stardate 231108.13 -the year 2311
  • Place of Birth: Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, (Islands near New Foundland/Canada) Earth
  • Age: 31
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0

Professional History

  • Current Rank: Marine Captain
  • Current Assignment: Federation Embassy to Duronis II
  • Duty Post: Marine Commander

Marine Captain Jean-Philippe Habert ought to be more senior in rank and in a better position. He is however known for being deliberately difficult. For example, although he is reknowned for executing all orders and regulation to the letter - he does so in a way that suit his own wishes. Eg. If ordered to "hold a prisoner and deliver him to trial in 2 days" if he disagreed with his superiors and felt the prisoner was not guilty then he would perhaps hold the prisoner in a bar for two days.

Marine Captain Jean-Philippe Habert could have held a more comfortable assignment with better rank, but was reassigned to Duronis II for refusing to obey orders. It is believed he refused to open fire on a group of civilians during an uprising he felt was justified.


  • Height: 5'11"
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Batleth scar on right shoulder
  • Build: Strong physique
  • Face: Rugged looking
  • Handedness: Right


  • Quarters: Comfortable.
  • Mannerisms Jean-Philippe Habert is infatuated with his wife and would do anything for her.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Martial Arts, Horse Riding,


  • Marital Status: Happily Married to Nathalie Atkins
  • Children: None. It is not known whether they lost a child or if they can't have children but this is a touchy subject with the couple.

Personal History

  1. 235108.13: Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, (Islands near New Foundland/Canada) Earth
  2. 2369 04.21: Joins Starfleet Marine Corps training Academy
  3. 2373 -2375 Graduates First Lieutenant Fights in the Dominion Wars
  4. 2376 Promoted to Second Lieutenant assigned to Office of the Federation President, Paris Earth.
  5. 2377 Meets Nathalie Atkins on the Boulevard to Saint-Michel Paris. Both were heading to the Jardin Luxemboug - their relationship blossomed instantly.
  6. 2378 Marries Nathalie Atkins
  7. 2379 Promoted to Marine Captain
  8. 2380 At a crucial decision, acts to please his wife rather than following orders to the letter. Looses commission at the President's office and re-assigned to the Federation Consulate of Kampalar V
  9. 238112.23: Defends the key offices in an uprising on Kampalar V. though he successfully protects the area he was ordered to protect, the Marine Captain did so despite refusing to fire on the civilians. Had he done so the matter could have been controlled quicker and with less casualties amongst the Startfleet marines.
  10. 238201.22: As punishment for his interpretation of orders on Kampalar V, he is assigned charge of the Marines at the Embassy on Duronis II an assignment nobody wants given its distance from Federation space and the fate of the previous Embassy there.

Responsibilities on Duronis II

Marine Captain Jean-Philippe Habert

Jean-Philippe Habert commands the contingent of Starfleet Marines assigned to the Embassy. He reports directly to the Ambassador. When Captain Rocar authorises an order or act of law on Federation Soil (essentially the Embassy complex) it is the Marine Captain's responsibility to see it enacted. Each Starfleet-Marine answers directly Jean-Philippe Habert and not to alternative superiors. As such if Captain Rocar, a senior Starfleet officer or diplomat wish to discipline a Marine guard they must address themselves to Habert who is then charged with discipling the Marine. Essentially, Habert's marines are seen in ceremonial dress on guard throughout the Embassy complex, but in addition to the pomp and circumstance they are responsible for protection of classified information and Federation Citizens in the even of insurgency.

The Marines work closely alongside the Embassy's security officers. Currently Marine Captain Jean-Philippe Habert is doubling up as Security Chief, though this is only a temporary role whilst Lt.Cmdr Dar is on LOA.

The Role of Marines in Embassy Security

Marine Security Guards (MSGs) provide a 24-hour, daily cleared Federation presence at designated United Federation of Planets diplomatic missions in non-Federation space. Their primary mission is to prevent the compromise of classified information and equipment vital to the national security of the United Federation of Planets. The secondary mission of MSGs is to protect Federation citizens and Starfleet property located within designated diplomatic and consular premises during exigent circumstances. Under certain emergency situations, they also provide special protective services to the ambassador or chief of mission.

The relationship between the Federation Diplomatic Service and the Starfleet Marine Corps is nearly as old as the corps itself. For over 200 years, Marines have served at the request of various Federation Diplomats as an alert, disciplined force was needed to protect Federation embassies, consulates, and legations throughout the galaxy. The Marines Security Guard Program has earned the highest respect from their Federation Diplomatic Service colleagues for their professionalism and dedication to duty. The constant reference of many Federation Ambassadors to "My Marines" is a source of great pride to the Corps.