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Embassy at Duronis II
Vice Admiral Guy Perry Hunt


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Ambassador
  • Station: Embassy
  • Rank: Vice Admiral
  • Race: Human

  • DOB:’’’ 235508.17
  • Age:’’’ 62
  • Height: 5’11’’
  • Eye color: Gray
  • Hair Color: Gray
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  • USS Victory

On Star Date 238708.20 Guy Hunt was hit with an energy beam that temporarily shut down all his brain functions. After being rushed to the Sick bay Guy Hunt was places on a Life support system, Waking up moments later. On Star Date 238801.12 Guy was promoted to Full Lieutenant heading the Operations Department for two years...

Guy was Promoted to Lt. Commander on Star Date 239006.24 After saving the life's of Vice Admiral Rocar and Commander Jaxx. When a Diplomatic Mission with the Reconnie Went wrong. The Reconnie accused the Federation of dealing arms to a long time enemy the Tarnaions. When Vice Admiral Rocar denied the clams, the Reconnie opened fire. Guy was able to beam the Admiral out with a personal transporter unit and carried Commander Jaxx out on his back taking phaser fire on his robotic knee. Guy was Made the USS Victory's Second Officer and maintained his post as Chief of Operations...

  • USS Atlantis

On Star Date 239312.20 Guy was transferred to the USS Atlantis and Assumed the role of First Officer. On Star Date 239406.16 Guy was promoted to Full Commander. While on the Atlantis Guy was on 15 First Contact Away teams, 12 Diplomatic Peace Keeping Missions, 6 Boarder Patrols and a Trip for the 2nd time to the Embassy at Duronis II, how ever he never saw the Embassy the first time. Meeting with now Full Admiral Rocar and a few other Captains to include Captain Jaxx of the USS Ursa Major and Captain Ash MacKenna of the USS Aurora. After a few days of meeting and dinners and visiting with old Friends and Promotion Ceremony was held in Court Yard of the Embassy. Admiral Rocar for the third time Promoted Guy Hunt. Admiral Rocar also gave Captain Guy Hunt Command of the very first Stat Ship that Guy served on as a full Officer... The USS Resolution.

  • USS Resolution

Admiral Rocar Gave Captain Hunt and five year mission. On Star Date 239111.02 the USS Resolution was launched from the Embassy's docking pad. Captain Hunt was tasked with Charting Gaseous Anomalies along the Neutral Zone. This mission was at the request of 118's Intel at the Black Tower. They believed that the Romulans had found a way to flood the Neutral zone with fluidic charged anti-protons making gaseous anomalies form in the Neutral zone to hide new large military bases.

After a Year of Charting deep in the Neutral Zone and a Few Months of playing Cat and Mouse with a Romulan War Bird, Captain Hunt Came Face to face with time on Star Date 239812.16 The War Bird de-cloaked right in front of the Resolution. Captain Hunt was out armed but the New Romulan Man of War Bird of pray... Guy Ordered the Ship to take evasive maneuvers and engaging maximum warp into a protoplasmic nebula to hide from the Man of War...

The Resolution spent two weeks in the Nebula upgrading the shielding and weapon systems. Captain Hunt had 16 more encounters in the following 4 years. Captain Hunt, Had 1 first contract mission and 33 scientific missions to go along with 133 boarder patrol missions.

On Star Date 240208.30 The USS Resolution is Ordered to Star Base 118 to be Decommissioned after 28 years of service to the fleet.

  • USS Atlantis

On Star Date 240209.14 Captain Hunt is promoted to Rear Admiral Lower Half and Made Deputy Chief of Intel for the Neutral Zone and Given Command of the Newly refitted USS Atlantis. Admiral Hunt was Ordered back to the Neutral Zone By the Chief of Intel Vice Admiral Andrus Jaxx...

Admiral Hunts new Intrepid Class refit equipped with a cloak, two photo/phaser cannons, and new armor moved back into the Neutral Zone. Spending the next three years studying the Romulan bases and reporting back the the Vice Admiral Jaxx at Black Tower Command.

Romulan Admiral Muric Tonsin's Flag ship was Attacked by a unknown life form. Admiral Hunt saved the flag ship and towed it back to Romulan space. The Admiral's Hunt and Tonsin sponsored a Bill to the Federation Council and the Romulan Senate to end the cold war.

The Bill was never passed by the Romulans. Admiral Hunt was Promoted by President of the United Federation of Plants, President Rocar. President Rocar sent Rear Admiral Hunt and the USS Atlantis to the Romulan Senate to help work out a peace treaty. With the rise of a new Pro Council. The treaty was burned along with the half the Senators and the Capital.

Admiral Hunt, Beamed back aboard the Atlantis activated the Armor engaged the cloaked and used Maximum warp to get back to Federations space while being tracked by Man of Wars. The Atlantis took heavy fire. The Romulans Turned at the boarders and held there ground. Admiral Hunt was Ordered back to SB118... The beaten up Atlantis crept back to home base. The Atlantis went into dry dock. Admiral Hunt was going to Over see them but Now Full Admiral Jaxx had other plans.

  • Star Base 118 Admin

On Star Date 240811.22 Admiral Jaxx promoted Rear Admiral Hunt to Vice Admiral and made him Admin's Chief of Staff over the whole fleet. As Chief of Staff Hunt acted as the Fleets Chief of Operations as well. Hunt Flew a Desk for 2 years as Chief of Staff, working a few Diplomatic missions on the station but mostly working with Intel. Star Date 240812.29 the Romulans declare War on the Federation. The Federations was being over ran, losing 39 boarder planets. At this time Duronis II has become home to Fleet Intel and fearing the lose of the Planet Vice Admiral Hunt Retires and is Made Ambassador to Duronis II by President Rocar, a post he once had as a Captain.

  • Embassy at Duronis II

Ambassador Hunt worked for two years trying to keep the Romulans off the door steps on Duronis II. Rear Admiral Ash MacKenna of the USS Aurora did her part until the Aurora was lost. The crew beamed down to the Embassy to wait for a new ship. The USS Ursa Major's Commanding Officer was Killed so it was Ordered to the Embassy to pick up its New Commanding Officer Admiral Ash MacKenna. Guy was sad to the Admiral leave even if she was still in the neighborhood. While the Admiral was on the Planet she help out by acting as Embassy Chief of Staff. The Romulans Pushed and over ran Duronis II, The Staff made it to there new ship the USS Arrow.

  • USS Arrow

Admiral Jaxx ordered Ambassador Hunt to take command of the Ship and his rank of Vice Admiral was reinstated. Admiral Hunt Spent the next few months looking for Federation survivors. After 5 months of rescuing trapped Intel Officers and Officers of the Diplomatic core Admiral Hunt took the Arrow to SB118 and turned over Command after 6 months to Captain James Cooper his first, First Officer on the USS Atlantis. Admiral Jazzed asked Guy to stay on because of his knowledge with Romulans, no other person in the fleet had the knowledge of Romulans that Admiral Hunt Had.

  • Black Tower

Vice Admiral Hunt was Named Commander of Intel and helped Command this war to it end for the the next four years. As Commander of Intel, Hunt built Intel outpost on old Federation Arrays. He started new listening post in side dead floating star ships. In Guys 3rd Year as Commander of Intel he suffered a massif Heart Attack. Rear Admiral Meira Raizel Chief of Fleet Medicine preformed the surgery on the fellow Admiral. After the Admirals recovery he saw the end to the war and the retreat of the Romulans back into there space.

Admiral Jaxx Retiring he tried to pass the torch to Admiral Hunt, but Guy declined it and watched as Ash MacKenna was made Fleet Admiral. After a Large Party Guy and Ashed talked about his future and wanting to re-retire. Admiral MacKenna made the request that seeing how Guy was such a large part of Duronis II if he would go back and re setup to Embassy and get everything on track and she would find a new Ambassador to replace me after a short transition period.

Fleet Captain Katy Orman of the USS Atlantis gave Ambassador Hunt his ride back to Embassy to save him from taking a shuttle. Captain Orman, allowed the Ambassador to Command the Bridge of his old ship one last time on the return trip. A pone arriving back at Duronis II Ambassador Hunt Promoted Captain Orman to Rear Admiral of behalf of Ash MacKenna.

  • Duronis II

Ambassador Hunt began to rebuilding process of Duronis II. After a little over a year, the Ambassador had his 1st visit from the Romulans... After a 6 day meeting the Romulans left mad at not getting anything they wanted. A few months later after talking with Admiral MacKenna, She tells Ambassador Hunt that he is Coming home President Jaxx has Named Admiral James Cooper Ambassador to Duronis II... Hunt is relieved at the news his 42 years of service is at a closer and is ending where is all started.

Ambassador Hunt Beams to the site of his first away Mission and walks up to the Cave where he bonded with Dr. Deron and Kali Nicholotti some 40 years ago. While a young Ensign aboard to USS Resolution. The old out of date Star Fleet equipment was still in the cave as was the blood socked cot that Hunt laid on after falling from the caving cliff side. Walking out of the cave Ambassador Hunt was Stabbed by a Romulan Spy left on the plant... He was stabbed with a Klingon Weapon and left in dieing in the Cave.

His Body was found the next day by the Security Team looking for him. His Body was Transported back to Earth on the USS Resolution that was pulled out of Moth Balls by Admiral MacKenna, she thought it would be fitting. The Admiral died at the Age of 62 leaving behind two sons, two brothers And a mother.

After Hunt Died, he woke up in Sickbay to see Dr. (_______) Standing over him. It had all been a dream. He was back on the Victory.

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-DC3 red.png DCG 3A 237306.01 - 238201.04 Diplomatic Core Federation Office Chief of Staff
001-Cadet4th-Red.png Cadet, 4th Class 238201.09 - 238311.20 Star Fleet Academy, Earth Helm/Comm/Ops Student
002-Cadet3rd-Red.png Cadet, 3rd Class 238401.09 - 238411.20 Star Fleet Academy, Mars Flight School Student
003-Cadet2nd-Gold.png Cadet, 2nd Class 238501.09 - 238511.20 Star Fleet Academy, Earth Operations and Intel Student
004-Cadet1st-Red.png Cadet, 1st Class 238601.09 - 238609.15 USS Centris A Student Helm Officer and Flight Control
01-Ens-Red.png Ensign 238605.09 - 238609.20 USS Resolution Helm/Comm/Ops Officer
01-Ens-Red.png Ensign 238609.20 - 138609.28 USS Resolution Comm/Operations Officer
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG 238609.28 - 238610.19 USS Resolution Chief Operations Officer
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG 238610.19 - 238612.24 USS Independence Chief Operations Officer
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG 238612.26 - 238702.30 USS Ronin Security and Bridge Tactical Officer
02-LtJG-Red.png Lieutenant JG 238703.04 - 238706.11 M.I.T. Earth Vice Dean of Technology
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG 238706.14 - 238706.18 USS Eagle Chief Operations Officer
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG 238706.18 - 238801.12 USS Victory Chief Operations Officer
03-Lt-Gold.png Lieutenant 238801.12 - 239006.24 ALT USS Victory Chief Operations Officer
04-LtCmdr-Gold.png Lieutenant Commander 239006.24 - 239312.20 ALT USS Victory Chief Operations Officer
04-LtCmdr-Red.png Lieutenant Commander 239312.20 - 239406.16 ALT USS Atlantis First Officer
05-Cmdr-Red.png Commander 239406.16 - 239711.02 ALT USS Atlantis First Officer
06-Capt-Red.png Captain 239711.02 - 240209.14 ALT USS Resolution Commanding Officer
07-FltCapt-Red.png Rear Admiral Lower Half 240209.14 - 240501.22 ALT USS Atlantis Commanding Officer
09-RAdml-Red.png Rear Admiral Upper Half 240501.22 - 240811.22 ALT USS Atlantis Commanding Officer
10-VAdml-Red.png Vice Admiral 240811.22 - 241009.02 ALT SB 118 Admin Chief of Staff
10-VAdml-Red.png Vice Admiral "Retired" 241009.30 - 241202.01 ALT Embassy of Duronis II Ambassador
10-VAdml-Red.png Vice Admiral "Reinstate" 241202.15 - 241208.10 ALT USS Arrow Acting Commanding Officer
10-VAdml-Red.png Vice Admiral "Reinstate" 241208.21 - 241312.18 ALT Black Tower Commanding Officer
10-VAdml-Red.png Vice Admiral "Retired" 241401.09 - 241609.16 (Killed in the line of duty at the age of 62) ALT Embassy of Duronis II Ambassador