Guerilla Warfare (Constitution)

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After the end of the Dominion War many sides had lost a lot, however, perhaps none more so than the Cardassians who had born the brunt of the joint Klingons/Federation/Romulan attack. With the Armistice signed it was now time for Cardassia to rebuild. Admiral Kurt Lawrence, however, ignored the order and continued to attack Cardassians. The USS Constitution was sent to track him down and stop him. The Smokey was sent from the Constitution to land on the planet Jidbrids VII and search for the renegade Kurt Lawrence from the back door covertly. The Constitution and the rest of the crew were sent to go in the front door as it were to attack the outpost from the head. The idea was the meet in the middle and there would be the Admiral with his right hand man the operative sent in to bring him back.