Guardians of Betazed

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The Guardians of Betazed were a political organization on Betazed whose ultimate goal is the withdrawal of Betazed from the United Federation of Planets. Taking their name from the Jalara Guardians of Betazoid mythology who were said to guard the Jalara Jungle, the Guardians of Betazed see themselves as protecting the independence of Betazed itself.

Although they had yet to gain representation within the Betazed government as of 2396, their support and membership were growing among the public, including across various university campuses on the planet. There was concern from Betazed and Federation Security that those among the Guardians with more extremist views may have ties to the terrorist organization known as the Maquis Reborn, although efforts to investigate the organization had been decried by the Guardians as politically motivated by other factions to attack the group and its views on Betazed-Federation relations.

After a member of the Maquis Reborn executed a terrorist attack in Rixx in 2397, and one of the members of the Guardians of Betazed were implicated, the Guardians of Betazed largely disbanded.