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The Guardian of Forever was a mysterious construct of unknown origin. It functioned as a gateway through time, allowing access to different time periods, locations and dimensions.

Located on a planet in the ruins of a forgotten city in the Beta Quadrant in 2267 by a Starfleet crew, the Guardian of Forever was discovered to be where all timelines throughout the Milky Way galaxy converged. Initial observations concluded that the ruins appeared to be at least a million years old - though the Guardian claimed that it was far older, exceeding the age of the Sol star.

The Guardian was sentient, capable of speech, and interacted with those whom encountered it, responding to external stimuli such as questions and actions.


The following information refers to a possible future revealed in the USS Veritas mission "Flashpoint".

In 2479, after continuous use for over two years by the Temporal Integrity Commission's attempts to adjust a despondent time in the galaxy's history, the Guardian ceased all communication and refused access for those whom intended to journey into the timestream. The Guardian's gateway has been dormant ever since.


An inert, crudely asymmetrical, circular gateway comprised of a quasi-metallic substance, the Guardian was able to somehow display the flow of time itself although it could not alter the "speed at which it displayed the past." It generated immense ripples in time that manifested themselves as spatial disturbances in the region around the planet where it was located. The object would flash whenever it spoke and emitted a gaseous fog within its center whenever it generated a portal.

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