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The Alpha Isles

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Grus Beta Three



Grus Beta Three is a Planet in a remote section of the Alpha Isles. It was first described and played a large role in the mission Ashes to Ashes on the USS Ronin.

The planet was inhabited by a group of disenfranchised former Federation citizens, who had chosen the planet as their home due to it's unique mines of Maleconite, and an atmosphere that makes it difficult to communicate over comms. Chosen on purpose by the inhabitants so as to have as few dealings with Starfleet and the federation as they can get away with.

The planet was then consumed by wild fires. The Lattice Alliance had planned to terraform the planet, using the rich Maleconite deposits as fuel to speed up the process. Unfortunately the process failed and the planet was rendered lifeless.

Class Y Planet

  • Class: Formerly a Class M Planet, reclassified as a Class Y Planet (inhospitable to life)
  • Planetary Cycle: A little longer than Earth’s cycles - 1 Cycle ca. 1.25 Earth years
  • Inhabitants: Uninhabited of all life forms


Once a bountiful and plentiful land, with many acreage of farms, and home to the bustling Landing City and several small towns and villages. Now, it's nothing more than a charred, radioactive wasteland.


The planet is now plagued with radioactive storms, harsh conditions and deadly thunder and lightning strikes.


There is no bodies of water remaining on Grus Beta Three.

Landing City & The Colony

The former colony consisted of one centre, Landing City. This was a bustling centre for trade, commerce and the colonists complex political structures. The city landscape was dominated by the large and imposing Adminstration Centre. The headquarters of the elected government, which was lead by El-Aurian Emzai. Satellite scans reveal that this building is the only structure that is left on the planet.

The colonists consisted of a whole host of former federation citizens; from the Maquis to Bajoran refugees and dissidents or criminals, Grus Beta Three was a land of hope for those who wanted to begin anew, separate from the confines of the establishments they came from. Unfortunately this came at a price, unbeknownst to the majority of the colonists they were subjects of a grand experiment ran by Vulcan scientist Kipal. The maleconite ore that they used to power their planet contained strong psychostimulants, which he used to create a compound that made the colonists more compliant.

Flora & Fauna

Their used to be a whole manner of plant life, that sustained rare insects and fauna. All of this is gone now.