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Martin Gregory is a wanted person by Starfleet.

  • Age: Unknown
  • Date of Birth: (231008-Present*)
  • Children: Patrick Nathan (2340.29-Present) Michael Nathan (2038-Prsent)


  • Hair: Grey, thinning, slicked back
  • Eyes: Green
  • Face: Distinguished and laid back
  • Mannerisms: He tends to clasp his hands behind his back. His head is always held high. His eyebrows and eyes have a flare for the dramatics. He sits firmly but comfortably.


  • 2310 – Was born on the Planetary Science Platform, orbiting planet Uranus.
  • 2338/2343 – Attended Starfleet Academy: Martin Graduated 3rd in his class Temporal Mechanics and Interstellar Astronomy.
  • 2343/2351 – Martin worked inside Starfleet Intelligence as an officer liaison from Starfleet’s “Probability and Abstract Mechanics”. During his time he rose to the rank of Lt Cmdr.
  • 2351/2358 – Martin resigned from service in Starfleet. Together with 3 other former officers he began working as a Private Contractor.
  • 2358/Present – In 2358: He and 2 of his fellow private researchers took a ship and left the Sol System.
  • Present – Starfleet Command considers the actions taken by - Martin Gregory, Jennifer Nathan, Aar, and Derv Malefic to be a threat to Starfleet. All information on the location of the Scientists in question should be relayed to Starfleet Intelligence.

Starfleet Command continues to search for the ship they escaped on. The Runabout Regina was last located on the outskirts of Sol System its direction unknown.