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This is probably the most "family-friendly" establishment on Starbase 118. "Granny" is an aging (unjoined) Trill, named Ellyn Taepar, (67). She often comes out from the back and visits with the guests seated at each of her tables. Everyone from her staff, her guests and even Security on the StarBase calls her "Granny." She has gone out of her way to make families feel welcome at her restaurant. Children are always visited by "Granny," who usually holds them and gets them to laugh. While "Granny" encourages families to come, she has done all she could to discourage rowdy overnight shore-leave types from coming into her restaurant. "Granny's Place" serves no alcohol of any kind. Some say the woman who runs the place is a recovering alcoholic, but, others say she knows the rule keeps most trouble away from her place. The food is simple, but it is from all over the quadrant and served freshly cooked by a competent staff. She has been on the StarBase for over ten years but did not open the restaurant until her husband died a couple years back. There is a rumor that "Granny" fought in the Borg wars, but that seems very "out of character." Still, someone did a check and found no record of an Ellyn Taepar on the Trill homeworld. So, whatever her story is, it seems sure that "Granny" is more than just an aging restaurateur.

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