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Tanuga IV

Background: After Lt. Commander Solan, Beta and Lt. Thomas were given their transfer orders to report aboard the USS Aurora, Commander Megan Parker is given hers – as Captain of that newly commissioned ship.

Lt. Cmdr. Nugra was announced department head of both Tactical and Security. Arriving fresh out of the academy were Ensigns Chris Wadham (Terran), Jacen Fanel (Terran) and Aresee Ventu (Terran), and Ben Hunnicutt (Terran).

Lt. Cicero (Terran) was moved to Operations with additional orders to remodel the messhall with an oak flooring, much like the original USS Victory. Lt.(jg) Abe Bennit (Orion) would continue as the head of Science and Lt. Julia Harden (Terran) as Chief Medical Officer. Much to the delight of the crew, Commander Phoenix (Terran) was named the ship’s new executive officer.

History: Tanugan’s are Humanoid from Tanuga IV near the Klingon Empire. They are not members of the Federation but they maintain numerous trade agreements and joint research stations. Tanugan law is unusual in that it is based entirely on "Guilty until proven innocent" and they have a notoriously strict penal system. Tanugan males have a very pronounced receding hairline and enlarged forehead reminiscent of Talarian. Tanugan females are very similar to Terran males except for the slightly enlarged forehead. Their technology is slightly behind the Federation in most aspects except for energy projection and generation, where they are on the cutting edge.

The Mission: The USS Victory was ordered to Janis VI in the Quintan system to meet a Tanugan science team that had been studying the flora and fauna of the planet. Once these scientists were on aboard the ship would proceed to Tanuga IV.

Doctor Jamee Sprieix, Head of the Tanugan science team, hailed the Victory and came aboard with Dodie Caiach, his assistant and Braj Spioinx, their apprentice. The arrogant and unpleasant personality of Dr. Sprieix did not enamor him to the crew. However, his colleagues were met with a welcoming and sympathetic feeling.

After reaching Tanuga IV, the scientists were beamed to their laboratory. Dr. Jamee Sprieix was studying a rare orchid from Janis VI. Suddenly, coughing up blood of a dark red color which told him this was serious he then lost motor functions. Sprieix died without a sound or a fight.

Afraid of the possible consequences for herself, Dr. Caiach hurried away. Rushing to arrive home before the illness was upon her, Dodie fell ill and collapsed within 60 meters of her residence.

The Victory was accused of creating the virus which killed the doctor. The virus spread quickly and quietly through touch. In response, Lord Plaiax, head of security on Tanuga IV, sent six armed agents to arrest the federation away team and bring them to the security center for interrogation.

Commander’s Phoenix and Nugra along with Ensigns Hunnicutt, Wadham and Fanel were ordered to make up the away team and report to the administration center on the planet where they were to find a consignment of engineering equipment to transport aboard. They were arrested while trying to pick up their cargo. After being led through back streets, the away team was attacked where Ensign Wadham was injured. After fighting their way free, Captain Hurne ordered them to return to the ship.

The warehouse where the disease was thought to have spread from was ordered burned to the ground and the entire block evacuated. Cmdr. Phoenix and company were trapped for a time in the warehouse fighting and trying to dodge the flames. They did escape with minor scrapes and smoke inhalation but otherwise unharmed.

On the ship, Lt. Harden gave a briefing to her away team. "We're calling this virus Sial. The word comes from Sialic Acid which is a molecule that adheres to the blood lipids. Unlike it's namesake, it's a metallic based life form. Not biological as we know it. They exist of metal like skin; metallic blood instead of flesh. The Federation has never encountered this sort of virus, and the transporter filters could not have screened for them. It is attacking the respiratory system. Symptoms are most likely coughing, high fever, watery eyes."

After beaming to the surface with their medical supplies, Dr. Harden and her away team set up a triage and asked for a tent type structure for the more critically ill which Ensign Hunnicutt quickly completed.

Dr. Harden and Ensign Fanel found very few survivors amid the buildings of the city. The rest of the medical team remained at the temporary medical center giving injections of an anti-virus. Unexpectedly, the hospital unit was attacked. Dr. Harden was injured but managed to get into the shelter of the main tent. Just as quickly as it had begun, the attack was over leaving the hospital in ruins.

Ensign Hunnicutt, continuing the search for the sick, discovered a suspicious wall that he destroyed. There in front of him stood crates. Klingon, Romulan and Federation crates. Upon opening them, he found weapons and spare parts.

On the USS Victory, Captain Hurne again spoken to the planetary government. Their internal defense force had been mobilized. Law and order was being restored. A curfew in all built-up areas were being put into place.

Ensign Ventu, unknown to anyone else, snuck off and contacted the transporter chief. She was beamed to another location. Finding the two children of one of Dr. Harden’s patients, she was about to rescue them when she was accosted by a group of Tanugan's. Threatening her life initially, they changed their mind and took her hostage.

Strangely, the Tanugan’s were hostile to the Federation's assistance although they had asked Starfleet for help initially. After being attacked by renegade Tanugan soldiers, the away teams regrouped, discovering Cmdr. Phoenix missing.

A weakened Cmdr. Phoenix was being held against her will in a medical facility. She had been infected with a modified form of the virus. Metallic lesions were evident on her body. In a daring move, Robin tricked a doctor into coming close. Close enough that Robin was able to pull one of the metallic slabs that covered her body and plunged it into his neck. Making her way out of the room, she was met by Cmdr. Nugra, Lt. Harden, Ensigns Wadham, Hunnicutt and Bennit.

When the fighting was over, Commander Phoenix was rescued. She had stolen a padd and was surprised about its content; a list of terrorist members, the manipulated virus and the anti-dotes, the weapons design that would spread the virus on ships and the schematics of Klingon, Romulan and Federation ships. An investigation was already in progress.

Cmdr. Nugra, Lt.(jg) Bennit, Ensigns Fanel and Wadham left to find Ensign Aresee Ventu, also among the missing. Also once again, they were successful in tracking and rescuing Counselor Ventu.

After a short time in sickbay, Cmdr. Phoenix was again tagged to lead an away mission back to the planet. This time to capture mister Plaiax, head of security on Tanuga IV as well as other key figures in the terrorist movement. The fight in the sewers was intense but short-lived. The prisoners were taken onto the shuttle Trafalgar to be transported to the ship. Once again the Victory crew was victorious.

The situation on the USS Victory became grave. Lt. Harden, Lt.(jg) Bennit and Ensign Pardak Benjamin, newly arrived on the ship, was met with “Red Alert” as they finished dinner together. Rushing to the bridge, Dr. Harden was informed that Captain Jordan Hurne was missing and she was in command until Commander Phoenix returned.

It later would appear the Captain had been assigned to a new post, detail remain classified by Starfleet Command. Commander Phoenix was given command of the Victory by CAL Mal Avatar of the USS Columbia, pending her Captain's exams.

Post mission promotions:

  • Lieutenant Harden to Lt.Commander Harden
  • Lieutenant.jg. Bennit to Lieutenant Bennit
  • Ensign Hunnicutt to Lieutenant.jg. Hunnicutt
  • Ensign Ventu to Lieutenant.jg. Ventu
  • Ensign Wadham to Lieutenant.jg. Wadham
  • Ensign Fanel to Lieutenant.jg. Fanel

Mission Compilation written by: Lt.Commander Julia Harden

Victory Mission Compilations