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The Gorn

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The Gorn military, though not as strong as many of the other empires in the Ithassa Region, they are nothing to under estimated. Built for quality and not quantity, Gorn starships, like their people, are known to be hardy and take a pounding that other ships would fall apart.

The military is broken in to two groups, the Gorn Space Navy and Gorn Ground Forces

Gorn Space Navy

The GSN is sizable fleet made to defend the hegemony territory and as Gorns were usually willing to explore peacefully and not go to war, their fleet was never designed for combat. Not until the production of the New Era ships and the Gorn Conflict of 2388 did starships of their specie see a lot of combat.

Old Era Ships

Simply designed and easy to build, these modular ships were the work horse for the fleet for many years. Not until the Grand Autarch request a new series of ships, did the shipyards have to change.

gornlightcruiser.jpg Valor Class Light Cruiser
Gornheavycruiser.jpg Bravery Class Heavy Cruiser
Gorndreadnaught.jpg Leviathan Class Dreadnaught

New Era Ships

With the advent of LCARS technology among the Gorn, the Imperial shipyards began to design and implement a new style of ship. It was easier to begin from scratch then try to replace the systems aboard their old ships. These New Era ships went in to mass production.

Gornnewerafrigate.gif Raptor Class Frigate
Gornneweralightcruiser.gif Carnosaurus Class Destroyer
Gornneweralightdestroyer.gif Velociraptor Class Destroyer
Neweragornheavycruiser.gif Albertasaurus Class Heavy Cruiser
Neweragorndreadnaught.gif Iguana Class Dreadnaught

Ship Weapons

The Gorn Hegemony have spent most of their existence utilizing the Plasma Torpedo like the early Romulan Empire. These massive balls of plasma consumed much power, but their damage was impressive.

Later the Gorns experimented with Photon Torpedoes when they were allied with the Federation and later disruptors purchased from the Klingons.

Gorn Ground Forces

The GGF is the backbone of the Gorn presence on the ground. Unlike Federation military, the Gorns do not have a distinctly separate Marine and Security contingent. All of their basic training is the same, it is simply the assignment of internal security or soldier.

The GGF are heavily armored Gorns armed with standard issue plasma or disruptor rifles with issued armor. Feared by those who oppose them, the Gorn find it easier to secure a groud target than fighting in space.