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Gorn/Culture and Society

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The Gorn

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Filled with honor and duty, Gorn culture revolves around the concept of personal duty to ones family and ones society. Gorns have an extremely strong sense of duty as Klingons have a sense of honor.

Food and Beverages

Most Gorn meals are a varied amount of cooked, roasted, stewed, and baked meats. They are famous for their rich and lavish banquets when it comes to celebratory foods.

One of the most popular drink, is a fermented bark from Ghdar I's spice tree called Crodag Whiskey. Humans have associated it with the taste of ground bugs.

Ritual Combat

Though the Gorn do not consider themselves a violent race like the Klingons, combat and martial battle is a tradition that stems from their prehistoric past. A Gorn who does not serve in the fleet or in a position consider his duty or honorable, would challenge others in battle rings for glory and martial prowess.

The use of bladed weapons are a distinguishing factor.

Vss'Nok The Vss'Nok is a ceramonial Gorn sword which was carried by both the GGF and the GSN. It was a simple of pride for a Gorn officer for most all Gorn awards, citations, and honors are represented by a certain gem, jewel, or stone. These could be adhered to the hilt of the sword and anyone veiwing the sword would know what honors the Gorn had received.

The Blade was made of a rare metal called Tri-Lycitite and was very difficult to forge. But when the blade was finished it was strong enough to damage Duranium and it is theoretical that with enough force I could cut a duranium bite in two with ease. It has even been seen to reflect the beam of a disruptor and phaser.

Because of the rarity of this mineral, they found a substitute called Tri-Klitate which was tough, but not as rare and not as strong.
Vss'Kot The Vss'Kot is a dagger that is carried in the sash worn around the waist in the folds at the hip. This weapon was used as a last resort and is also considered to be very symbolic.

Gorns do wear a type of dog-tags to identify themselves, but the Vss'Kot is collected also to be returned to the family. The Vss'Kot is wanted more then the dog-tags to prove their sons/brothers death.

To make it more Lethal, a Virus has been imbedded in to the blade so that when it slices a target they are infected with the Virus.It makes the wound hard to heal and so on a battle field with out proper treatment the people attacked with a Vss'Kot have a far greater chance of dying.

The Federation has considered this "un-ethical" but in Gorn culture making sure your enemy dies is important for if you don't, he may come back for revenge.

A version without the virus has been made to appease the Federation.
Slish'Kot The Slish'Kot was a smaller version of a sword with a slight curved point. It's comparison to a Vss'Nok is like a Cutlass to a Sabre. The Slish'Kot was used in more close combat and in present time used as a non-electronic weapon so that if any race encountered destroys their electronics they would still be able to fight. The Slish'Kots are made out of Tri-Klitate like the more common version of the Vss'Nok.