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So, you'd like to know more about how things work within the USS Gorkon sim group? You've come to the right place!

Introduction and Setting

The USS Gorkon launched in July 2015 under the command of Captain Quinn Reynolds and comprised of the former USS Victory crew, and it initially operated within the Menthar Corridor. Its current area of operations is the Tyrellian Sector, a section of Federation territory that borders both the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire; a region of diplomacy, trade and intrigue.

Groups & Politics

See also: Tyrellian Sector NPCs

Sim Format

The Gorkon's sim format corresponds with that used in the academy as detailed in Tutorial #1. An example of a properly formatted sim can be found here.

Character Speech

On the Gorkon, it is preferred that character names preceding speech are in lower case letters, e.g.:

  • Reynolds: Right. What do you have for me?

Sim Titles

Tags are used to indicate certain kinds of sims, such as those coming from PNPCs, MSNPCs, or backsims and joint posts. They can be combined as appropriate.

  • Lt. Commander Tam - Just Another Day At the Office
  • Hastings and Ch'Kehla - Plans B, C, & D
  • [JP] Captain Reynolds & Lt. Stoyer - The Enquiry (Part I)
  • [JP] [Backsim] Commander Brunsig & Dr. Chandur - An Unwilling Patient (Part II)

Splitting Sims

In general, by a single author should not be split into multiple parts unless they are more than five pages long (on A4, in a standard font and font size). Sims by multiple authors (i.e. joint posts) should be split into as many parts as there are authors, or more, if the post is particularly long.


Your sims should always come from the perspective of your character. Descriptions ( Susan saw the really neat thing. ) and thoughts (oO I wonder if she'll notice me. Oo) that originated in sims for other characters should always be removed or rewritten so that the events of the sim are presented from your character's point of view.

Storytelling on the Gorkon

When and How to Post

The Gorkon's posting requirements are the same as the fleet's full-time requirements: All full-time writers are required to post three times per week, which comes out to at least twelve times per month. Twelve or more of those sims should be for your primary character (PC), a mission-specific NPC (MSNPC), and/or a mission-relevant personal NPC (PNPC). You should feel free to write for and maintain as many personal NPCs (PNPCs) as you'd like, but simming for PNPCs or NPCs that aren't directly related to the mission or its subplots may not count toward your full-time status if you find yourself relying upon them. Bear in mind, too, that twelve sims per month is a baseline requirement, and full-time simming by itself does not guarantee that you'll receive your next promotion or position advancement.

If you aren't up to posting full-time, please talk to the command staff! You can still write, but you won't be eligible for department headships or promotions, and you'll be considered a part-time writer. Part-timers are required to sim at least twice per week, for a total of eight or more sims per month. If you can't meet this eight-sim-per-month minimum, then you should discuss taking a leave of absence (LOA) with the command staff.

Adding to the Story

Creativity in your sims is, of course, encouraged! There are no set endings, no definite plot twists, and no command hand pulling the strings; each and every one of your contributions, whether your PC is an ensign or a captain, can change the course of the mission!

However, be sure to use some common sense when introducing twists. Does what you're about to add follow logically within the evolving story? As long as that answer is "yes," you should feel free to go ahead and write! The only usual exception to this is when new additions take control of another writer's character out of that writer's hands. For example, you should never injure another character without talking to the character's writer first.

It is always worth contacting the command team or your mentor, too, if you think your plot twist may have a serious and unexpected effect on the course of the mission. Examples may include:

  • The addition of a new alien race that has not yet been involved in the mission. Sir, Romulan Warbird decloaking!
  • Relocation of group of PCs that does not include your PC.
  • Destruction of an important building or ship.

Posting Times

We strongly encourage everyone on the Gorkon to wait for at least 36 to 48 hours before posting again. This provides the people you've tagged a fair chance to participate in the plot and advance the narrative. Our policy is intended to make sure that you have enough time to write for your 12 sims each month in order to be regarded as full-time. Feel free to post again if everyone replies within an hour, though. We also advise members not to resolve major story twists too quickly and to give other crew members a chance to respond or resolve them before finishing things up.

If you find yourself simming with someone who doesn't respond within three or more days, there are a few options to consider. If there's no one else in the scene to respond to you, you can write another post and tag someone else. If it's a group setting and only one person is missing, it's okay to continue with the rest of the group and leave their tags open. They can always catch up later when they're available. We understand that life can get in the way of our fun, so it's perfectly acceptable to move on.

Missions and Shore Leave

Writing time aboard the Gorkon is divided into two major blocks: missions and shore leave. Missions involve one or more central objectives and generally take place aboard the Gorkon and associated ships, planets, etcetera. Missions are generally six weeks in length, though this may vary.

Between each mission, the Gorkon crew has about two weeks of shore leave. During this time, there is no central plot and no general objective (or at most, a low-key "routine" mission that stays in the background), so it's a great time to have your character(s) mingle with others and develop relationships you otherwise couldn't during mission time.

OOC Contributions

Participating on the Forums

Forum participation may seem like a small thing that you don't need to worry about, but let’s face it: the forums are a part of being in the fleet! You are advised to "check in" on the ship’s board, and spend some time looking at the various threads and groups, such as duty posts. As you advance through the ranks, you will probably find yourself spending more times on the forums -- and even moderating some individual forums!

Building the Wiki

You may be thinking “Why is the wiki so important?” Well, there are a few reasons.

  • The wiki contains character profiles -- if you wish to learn more about a character, you would go to the ship page, look at the roster (or the crew nav across the bottom) and find the name you’re looking for. These are vital to learning more about any character, and as you advance in rank it is considered mandatory to keep it updated with awards, mission histories, etc.
  • The wiki also contains mission profiles -- an archive of missions with details that usually gets updated once a month that describes the mission of your ship.
  • Ship wiki -- contains many aspects of the ship that are important for you to know. It contains information on the campaign region the ship operates in, crew rosters, crew histories, crew awards histories, mission histories, technical overviews, namesake and dedication plaque, and links to the forums, the sim archive, and Google Group.

Promotions and Decorations


The Gorkon closely follows the fleet's Promotions Guide when it comes to assessing a writer's eligibility for a promotion. It is strongly encouraged that you discuss your goals within the group with the ship's command staff, especially if you have command aspirations yourself! Promotions are usually awarded at some point during shore leave.


Both PCs and PNPCs are eligible to receive Service Ribbons for their actions during a mission, as these awards are in character and character dependent, not OOC writer awards. They are usually presented at some point during shore leave.


All crew will assigned a mentor on arrival aboard the Gorkon. The responsibility of a mentor is to act as first point of contact for a new player, to help them to settle in with the crew and to take an active interest in ensuring that they meet all of the requirements for promotion, providing support where necessary. This mentoring isn't restricted to new arrivals and ensigns, and will continue as you progress through the ranks, to help you achieve your goals within the fleet.

If you wish to participate in the mentoring program, don't hesitate to let the command staff know!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the command staff, your mentor, or ask on the ship's OOC list.