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USS Gorkon NPC Roster
Command Division Operations Division Sciences Division Medical Division Civilian Contingent
Insignia Rank Portrait & Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Deck & Administrative Officers
DS9style-ltjg red.png
Lieutenant JG
Petra Bjarnadottir.png
Petra Bjarnadottir Human Female Flag Aide to Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds (Temporary duty to USS Triumphant) Cory Stoyer
DS9style-ens red.png
Arco Jatri Bajoran/Cardassian Female Mission Specialist Ferier Kian
DS9style-ens red.png
Jhyrazhao sh’Kavhilji Aenar Shen Diplomatic Advisor Tasha MacFarlane
DS9style-cmcpo red.png
Command Master Chief Petty Officer
Reiner Isidorus.png
Reiner Isidorus Human Male Command Master Chief Cory Stoyer
DS9style-lt red.png
Jandara Tem Trill Female Helm Officer Trellis Vondaryan
DS9style-crew1 red.png
Crewman First Class
Roshier Jackson Human Male Shuttle Pilot General NPC
DS9style-po1 red.png
Petty Officer First Class
Qu'ila Altoran Female Helm/Comm/Ops Officer General NPC
NPCs (both PNPCs and general NPCs) aboard the Gorkon are listed by division and department. Note that this database should be thought of as only a partial roster of the entire crew. New NPCs are frequently created within sims at the whim of a writer.

When adding new NPC characters on the Gorkon, please be sure to put [[Category:Gorkon NPCs]] at the bottom of their character page.