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USS Gorkon NPC Roster
Command Division Operations Division Security Division Sciences Division Medical Division Civilian Contingent
Insignia Rank Portrait & Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Civilian Support Staff
DS9style-blank silver.png
Mek (Gorkon).jpg
Mek Klingon Male Proprietor of the Sto'Vo'Kor Lounge General NPC
DS9style-blank silver.png
Lachlan Crauw.png
Lachlan Crauw Human Male Bartender Samira Neathler
DS9style-blank silver.png
Liva Ferengi Female Veterinarian Samira Neathler
DS9style-blank silver.png
Safine Tan3.jpg
Safine Rael Trill Female Lawyer Serren Tan
NPCs (both PNPCs and general NPCs) aboard the Gorkon are listed by division and department. Note that this database should be thought of as only a partial roster of the entire crew. New NPCs are frequently created within sims at the whim of a writer.

When adding new NPC characters on the Gorkon, please be sure to put [[Category:Gorkon NPCs]] at the bottom of their character page.