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The Menthar Corridor Saga

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Ayiana Sevo

Chief Science Officer's Log SD 239209.19

Lieutenant Ayiana Sevo Chief Science Officer’s Log Stardate 239209.19

Lieutenant, JG
Lael Rosek

HCO Officer's Log, Stardate 239209.19

This was one of the more interesting missions so far. At first, we found ourselves with a locked computer and no sign of the crew. However, after being driven out of Engineering, we found ourselves hunted by the very people we were there to help. Because of the black hole, we lost contact with the Gorkon and the other teams. Our XO became incapacitated halfway through due to a phaser blast. It wasn't until we were able to regroup and regain contact with the Gorkon that we discovered an insect was responsible for the crew's strange behavior. Commander Chen was the only injury. He has been transported to a starbase in a coma. With luck, he will return to consciousness soon and be able to resume his duties. The USS Tharsis's CMO, Dr. Morzon, will undergo the court-marshal process for his part in unleashing the insect responsible for infecting the crew. He will also be held accountable for the mass homicide the infected crew committed while under the influence of the insect's bite.

Quinn Reynolds

Personal Log, Stardate 239212.20.

Well, that was one hell of a shore leave. Next time someone suggests a public awards ceremony, I'm telling Stoyer to spin up the QSD and we'll make a run for it. The Maquis escaped, though Commander Skyfire and his team did manage to rescue the hostages taken from Lang's transport. Apart from some rattled nerves, the hostages seem none the worse for wear for their experience, which is a surprising turn given what we know of the Maquis Reborn. My theory is that a good number of them were neither Federation nor Cardassian citizens, and so there was no desire or advantage to hurting them.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said of the Cardassians from the embassy. Our guess was correct, and they had been infected by the virus the Maquis Reborn had originally used on Deep Space Ten. Several of them were were in bad shape by the time we got to them, and are now recuperating in the Gorkon's intensive care unit, under isolation conditions. We've been informed that a Cardassian medical ship will be arriving in the next twenty-four hours to transport them home for specialist care.

Which leaves my own crew. There were several injuries requiring treatment, though most of them were relatively mild and didn't require stays in sickbay -- apart from Walter, of course. Tam -- Kael -- tells me that he's healing well and should be released in the next few days. He also confessed that Walter nearly died on the operating table, and that he's lucky to have had Orrey as his surgeon. I should thank Jansen. I probably won't, but I should. He took a bullet for me, even when he hates me. Only he doesn't just hate me, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do about that. I don't know if it changes anything. I can't undo what I've done, and I don't know that he's ever going to be able to forgive me for it. I know I haven't forgiven myself.

I can't understand why he hasn't requested a transfer. It wouldn't be denied, and it would be easier on the both of us. Maybe I should just tell him to go, tell him he's the reason I retired from command and went back to intelligence. He's already been in my sickbay twice, and he's not even in my crew. What happens if next time it's the morgue?

I don't know, but I can't get it out of my mind, and I think that's starting to show. Sevo certainly noticed something was bothering me. Anyway. We've got a routine survey mission coming up. Some peace and quiet out in an unexplored system might be just what I need. No press, no diplomats -- no Walter. I'm looking forward to it.

End of personal of log.

Quinn Reynolds

Captain's Log, SD 239301.18

Lieutenant Sevo informs me that our initial survey of the Alpha Chionus system was a success. I'm inclined to agree with her, and not just in terms of the scientific discoveries that we made. After the disastrous awards ceremony, it was good to see the crew have the opportunity to relax and have a little fun.

With the initial survey complete, we're putting into port on Astrofori One to resupply and let off some of the scientists and passengers we had aboard.

After that, I'm told we have another survey mission -- a nebula, this time. Some peculiar transmissions have been detected, so it's been bumped up the priority list and we'll be heading out to investigate.

But before any of that, I have some commendations to give. And for anyone up top listening to this -- I'm never doing a public awards ceremony again.

Lieutenant, JG
Lael Rosek

HCO Officer's Log, Stardate 239212.22

What should have been a relaxing evening quickly took a turn for the strange when the Cardassian envoy, Kotan Jara, was found dead in the library, clearly recently deceased and most likely the victim of a homicide. The situation was made worse by the fact that dignitaries and politicians were in attendance in addition to Starfleet personnel. Unable to shut down the holodeck, we did what we could to discreetly locate clues as well as the party responsible. Upon further investigation, we discovered clues in the mansion's basement that indicated the Cardassian envoy wasn't the murder's only victim. Dr. Orrey and I became separated from the others when he accidentally triggered a hidden trap door. Further exploration revealed a room where someone had been sleeping and living, obviously recently occupied. When at last we found a way out, we realized that the program was rapidly deteriorating. At this time, we heard the Captain's voice. We moved quickly to rejoin her only to find Commander Brunsig shot and in a bad way. With no other options, we carried him back to library of the mansion. Eventually, Lieutenant Stoyer and a couple of others were able to disable the program and get Commander Brunsig as well as Commander Vess, who was also injured, to Sickbay while Lieutenant Commander Skyfire led the chase to locate the suspect. Unfortunately, those responsible were one step ahead and were able to escape. Commander Vess has made a near full recovery, but Commander Brunsig remains in serious condition. Only time will tell if he'll survive his injuries.

Lt. Commander
Chythar Skyfire

First Officer's Log SD 239302.12

I don't know how to explain what happened. We were investigating the nebula NGC 201502. Something pulled us through into an alternate universe where the Dominion has won. We're trapped here, they've been rationing pain medication and we haven't found any way to get home. This Selamderen fellow offered to guide me. If it means what I think it does, then maybe I can get my gift under control. Anything to fix what I did to it on the Columbia. I'll get my gift under control, and we'll get back home to our reality where we belong. I hope.

Quinn Reynolds

Captain's Personal Log, SD 239302.29

The ship suffered moderate damage after being snared by the quantum fissure, unfortunately including the warp drive. To make matters worse, our passage destabilised the fissure, preventing us from even considering an immediate return to our home universe.

Almost immediately after our arrival, we encountered a vessel from this reality — the Defiant-class USS Triumphant. Captained by an alternate version of Walter Brunsig, and crewed by some very familiar faces, it was a peculiar experience, to say the least. Their ship and crew have obviously seen better days, and we decided to offer them assistance while we figure out how to stabilise the fissure for our return home.

While I and a small away team paid the captain of the Triumphant a visit, Lieutenant Sevo took the bridge and continued to investigate the fissure for a possible route home. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Stoyer and his team put together what supplies we could spare for the Triumphant.

Commander Vess arranged the transfer of their most critical patients to our sickbay, in order provide surgery and care that the Triumphant currently cannot. I’ve been informed that all the patients are recovering well and will be able to return to their own ship relatively soon.
It was all remarkably orderly and peaceful, but given the history of the universe we now find ourselves in, it was perhaps inevitable that it wouldn’t last. Sensors detected a Jem’Hadar patrol ship at the extremities of our sensor range, and it wasn’t long before a fleet of Dominion and Cardassian ships began to converge on us.

We have the Triumphant to assist us, but quite frankly, I have no idea how we’re going to pull this off. One of their battleships would be the equal of the Gorkon, and the fleet consists of a battleship, three Jem’Hadar cruisers, two Cardassian cruisers and a handful of fighter craft. It’s going to be our wits that get us through this, not our firepower.

Ayiana Sevo

Bridge Officer's Log 239303.26

Lieutenant Ayiana Sevo reporting. Captain Reynolds has left to greet the survivors of the Triumphant we rescued from their escape pods. Sadly, the Triumphant itself was destroyed; presumably by it’s self-destruct system. We don’t know why it was activated though. There was a shuttle launched from the Triumphant that was picked up by the surviving Dominion ships, before they escaped to warp.

We sustained some damage during our battle with the Dominion fleet. Engineering is already busy with repairs. I believe our biggest problem at the moment is our main deflector dish. It was damaged and is not operational. We are currently cruising at Warp 5 through our secondary deflector. Without the main deflector, we can’t sustain higher warp speeds or use quantum slipstream; nor do we have long-range sensors.

We’re heading towards a nearby system that may provide some cover while we make repairs. We’ll know more when we get close enough to scan.

And finally--the quantum fissure that brought us to this reality is gone. My best assumption is that the chaos of the battle collapsed it. There is some hope, though. We know the Invicta made it back to our reality, so it may be possible for us to do the same. But for that, we need our systems back online. With no access to a spaceyard, it may take a while to repair the ship. End log.

Alucard Vess

Chief Medical Officer's Log 239303.31

Rarely do Ah say this, but this has been a horrible day. It never ceases to surprise me just how much pain and suffering people can endure and keep going.

Both Sickbays have been pushed to their limits, almost to the point of Code Black. My staff handled the situation well, with special note given to the actions of Ensigns Vee and Dana who, despite being fairly new to the Gorkon, pitched right in and dinna stop when the going got tough.

The crew of the Triumphant is fairing pretty well given the fact that the home they’ve known fer years has been blown out right from under them. Given that one of the doctors now treating them looks exactly like the man who did the deed the fact that they are still going is remarkable.

All told, from both crews, we have nearly a hundred minor injuries, twenty one serious injuries, and nineteen criticals from the battle. It was touch and go with Lieutenant Reynolds fer a bit. How Doctor Saren managed to keep her alive in an escape pod Ah’ll never know. The Lieutenant is being kept in a comatose state fer the time being, but Ah hope to wake her soon.

This situation with our alternate selves seems to be causing stress among both crews. We are unique creatures, and being put into a situation where we are no longer so unique is causing strain. Ah will be the first to admit, operating on Quinn Reynolds and then turning around and reporting to Quinn Reynolds has my head spinning, and awkward to boot when it turns out that my alternate is the one who put her alternate in that condition.

We are in recovery mode now. Patients who can return to their duties have already done so, and the rest will be back to work soon. Of our criticals, Ah’m afraid it dunna look good. Lieutenant Reynolds is one of only a few Ah expect a full recovery fer. Crewman Temna, Ah’m afraid, is on borrowed time. Her burns are too serious, even with all of our medical technology, to turn around. She has two, maybe three, days at the most, and she is not the only one. The rest will recover, but not to the point they will be able-bodied.

May this be the last such log. Too many have suffered already.

End Log.

Lt. Commander
Chythar Skyfire

First Officer's Log SD 239303.31

I hate it when life repeats itself.

Tan was doing her job when she got shot. When Blair said that Tan was down, I felt sick. Like everything I was doing I'd done before. Alleran Tan went down in a turbolift after sustaining trauma, and I lost my first Garuda friend due to symbiont rejection. Instead of sending the body back to Trill, I kept it on ice because unjoined Trill hosts are hard to find. In this reality...I don't think there is a Starbase 118. No 118, no Alleran. I hope she makes it.

In other news, we got some new faces in medical. They seem to know their jobs, and make me miss my days of being in teal. We got another new face too, in red: one Alex Blair. What the heck was he doing on that shuttle anyway? I can ask those questions once the world stops throwing curve balls at us, I guess.

The crew of the Triumphant has been challenged in ways I did not think possible before. Things we'd done away with centuries ago. like rationing pain medication, were made a reality aboard their ship. Now they are here, aboard our ship, because their own was shot out from under them by one of their own.

I miss my family: Ris, Sal, Devlin. Will we go home soon?

End log.

Jaxton Vee

Medical Officer’s personal Log - Stardate 239304.09

Today is a bit of an anniversary for me. Today marks the first month of my post to the USS Gorkon. The first month of being stuck in this Universe and the start of my first day off. I of course plan on celebrating my first day off by doing more work.

Computer remove last sentence.

I plan on spending my day off by being productive. I will be making house calls on several patients from the crew of the Triumphant who have not bothered to make their scheduled follow up appointments. I hope this will be a good opportunity to meet and get to know some of our new found friends. To aid in this endeavor I have enlisted the help of my alternate from this universe. He seemed rather reluctant at first but I know myself well enough to know when I am simply bartering for something. So in payment for his services I have replicated pictures of our family from my personal journals and have agreed to perform a medical check up on his Dog. Shelby.

His dog Shelby is a bit of a puzzle. She seems to get confused about the two of us. Twice this month the dog has found it’s way to sickbay and refused to leave my side until we could get Jax to come and get her. How the dog escaped it’s crate and managed to navigate three floors of the Gorkon is still a mystery to me. However, whenever the dog begins to feel separation anxiety and can not find her owner she will seek me out. I have performed minimal medical scans on the dog and believe their is evidence of genetic manipulation. This is not surprising to me. Our Mother Margie was ... is a geneticist. She often worked with dogs in her studies although I have never heard of her using an animal as large as a Doberman. Perhaps this is why Jax wanted the official medical check up for Shelby to discover what the genetic manipulation is all about. I am very intrigued to find out what our Mother was up to in this universe.

Computer, end personal log and save.

Alex Blair

First Officer's Personal Log 239303.31

To say this assignment is interesting would be an understatement of galactic proportions.

Shortly after my arrival, via a shuttlecraft that was pulled through the same interdimensional rift as the Gorkon, Captain Quinn Reynolds assigned both Commander Alucard Vess and myself to lead damage control teams as a massive battle ensued between us, the USS Triumphant and a fleet of Dominion ships. Yes, that was Dominion ships! Apparently in this universe the Dominion won the war and they didn’t take too kindly to our presence here.

From the various reports I’ve read from across the ship, while I was busy in engineering trying to keep tabs on the chief engineer, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, Cmdr. Vess was handling casualties from across the ship, as well as some from the Triumphant which was destroyed during the battle. Now that was an interesting one. Apparently one of the Triumphant’s crew went rogue and let loose a virus that resulted in the auto-destruct sequence being initiated, the Triumphant did not survive but most of her crew escaped and are now calling our shuttlebay home.

Apparently the spectacular display of the Triumphant’s final act, combined with a sneaky sensor jamming system the bridge crew whipped up utilizing the deflector dish, turned the tide in the battle and chased off the remaining portion of the Dominion fleet. Leaving us where we stand now, licking our wounds trying to get everything working again before the Dominion fleet returns.

Lieutenant, JG
Lael Rosek

HCO Officer's Personal Log, Stardate 239303.31

I've lost track of how long we've been in this wretched universe. We thought we'd found some kind of security, but that was pulled from underneath of us like a rug. The Triumphant's destruction was a big blow for a lot of the crew. So many of us are starting to lose hope of ever getting home. I feel like the whole crew is going to need counseling when we get back...if we get back. With supplies running low, we're going to need to risk coming out of hiding to find replacement parts and stock up of items for the kitchen. Even the rations won't be enough to tide us over forever.

Alex Blair

First Officer’s Personal Log, Stardate 239304.30

I thought I knew what frustration was, but our recent experience with this Ferengi ship and her captain have proven that thought wrong.

After our encounter with the Dominion fleet and the subsequent destruction of the USS Triumphant, we were able to track down this spacefaring casino called the Helase. In what I consider a brilliant moment of thought, Captain Reynolds reached out to the captain of the Helase and managed to arrange shore leave for our crew aboard the vessel, while at the same time managing to arrange a few meetings with the casino’s proprietor in an effort to trade for the components we need to fully repair the Gorkon.

That’s where the frustration is coming from. I’ve recently learned that there is a reason Ferengi are so good in business matters: they never give in. The captain’s talks with this Mot fellow have all come up short, he simply wants us to give up too much to get what we need. At this rate, things seem like we will be better off finding components on our own aboard some derelict ship or station somewhere.

Aboard the ship things are a little better. The integration of the Triumphant’s crew with our own has begun. While they claim to be Starfleet officers, they are a little rough around the edges for my own taste. But I guess that’s what so many years being out on your own will get you. I guess we will just have to learn to work together for however long they stay with us.

Maybe some of these social gatherings that have been happening, like the one over in the casino the other day, will do us all good and we can start to form better interpersonal skills with our alternate universe selves. Maybe.

Lieutenant, JG
Lael Rosek

HCO Officer's Personal Log, Stardate 239304.30

We've finally gotten a brief respite from the darkness of life in this universe in the form of shoreleave aboard a casino, the Helase. Anjar Thoran, an Engineering colleague, convinced me to join him for a bit of relaxation. Due to Jansen being busy in Sickbay, I agreed. It was nice to get a break...until Anjar and I got the suspicion that we were being watched. Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing...though I wouldn't be surprised if the casino owner reached out to Erik Jansen after we left. The bounty on our heads no doubt left Mot's head spinning with thoughts of the profit it would bring. After all, Ferengi are ruled by profit.

Lt. Commander
Ayiana Sevo

Chief Science Officer’s Personal Log. 239307.30

I have no idea what the true stardate is. Shipboard clocks show we’ve been trapped in this universe for about nine months, but without access to Federation timebase beacons, there’s no way to know for sure.

I’d say our trouble really started to ramp up after our visit to that ship graveyard. We thought it would be a good place to scavenge; our supplies were dwindling shorter each day. Most of it had been picked clean from other scavenging parties, but we found a few useful things. My own team was able to recover a number of supplies from the U.S.S. Galaxy, though not without some trouble. After finding what we could, we had returned to our shuttle to find it drifting away from the ship but managed to recover it.

Commander Blair’s team was less successful in scavenging. Apparently, a lone changeling had been stowing aboard the U.S.S. Okinawa they were searching. It attacked Blair and his team, but they managed to fight it off and escape.

The Captain didn’t even fare as well as that. As she took a team on the Captain’s yacht to search for a cloaking device within the debris, they were hit by something unseen and had to return.

Since that time nearly…five months ago, I think…we’ve been attacked by pirates, Dominion fleets, and perils of every other kind. At one point, we got lucky and managed to find a relatively pristine Starfleet research base. Commander Blair returned with a huge haul, not to mention star charts for the area. All the while, the Gorkon has been slowly dying. System after system started to malfunction and shut down. Replicators are all but gone; we’ve been surviving on emergency rations and a makeshift hydroponics garden. We now get around by crawling through the Jefferies tubes. Most of the senior staff have taken to bunking in the conference room, as it was easier than crawling through the ship.

We might have finally caught a break, however. A Romulan commander contacted us with a dangerous deal. Our need for a cloaking device, among other things, is apparently well-known in these parts. The commander has offered us a cloak in exchange for a “favor.” We need to rescue his son and his ship from a Dominion starbase. Commander Vess is preparing to lead a team to the station. He is posing as his counterpart here, the notorious Erik Jansen who has been hounding us from day one. Similarly, Captain Reynolds will be pretending to be her alternate self, captured by Jansen. They will dock with the station under the guise of delivering the prisoners, while my team boards the station to capture the Romulan ship. Meanwhile, Commander Blair will use what’s left of the Gorkon to fight the station as a cover.

If there are any gods out there, I hope they’re watching over us.

Lt. Commander
Chythar Skyfire

Personal Log (SD Unknown)

The longer we stay here, the longer the crew around me loses hope. I try to lighten the mood, but my efforts are in vain. Even Commander Blair barely laughs these days. Our once mighty chancellor is falling apart, three systems at a time. I recognize him now as a battle-weary and desperate wariorr willing to perform the Hegh'bat ritual. We've got a block of Swiss cheese to attack with, and we're trying to bite the mouse called DSX in order to obtain a cloaking device which...might not help us get home. If we can somehow manage to re-open a fissure in this reality by attacking the station...just maybe....it can get us home. Stripey thinks the attack could either spell success or death in any language I like. I disagree with him -- there is only success. We all die eventually, but it will not be this day. Murphy's Law states: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

I miss Devlin, Sal, and Ris. Even Carter. Murphy needs to take a lesson in happy endings from Shakespeare or Disney. I just want to go home.

End Log.