Gorkon Deck Layout/Wardroom

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The Gorkon's wardroom is a crew lounge open to officers ranked Lieutenant JG and above, while the captain of the ship is not usually a guest except by specific invitation. Civilians are permitted, but only as guests of a wardroom member. The First Officer of the ship is usually the Mess President.

The wardroom has a series of etiquette rules governing its use. Duty is left outside the door, and members are not allowed to work or hold meetings inside the lounge. Several topics of conversation are considered taboo: work, politics, religion and sex. If joining a seated group or table, permission must be asked from the most senior officer present.


Much like the rest of the ship, the carpeting in the wardroom is green. Luxurious cream and grey armchairs and sofas are arranged in groups of different sizes for officers to relax in. Art and sculptures decorate the lounge, sourced from across the Federation, and large floor-to-ceiling windows offer a stunning view of space. A bar is positioned to one side of this area, serving both alcohol and synthehol.

In addition to the lounge area, there is also a space for officers to dine together and the tables are designed to seamlessly connect together to accommodate larger gatherings when the need arises.