Gorkon Deck Layout/Tiffany's Diner

Holodeck 6 sits towards the rear of the Deck 4 saucer section. It has been specially requisitioned by Corliss Fortune and Loxley to run a semi-permanent holo-program of a 1950's American Earth diner, called Tiffany's. The program runs almost constantly as long as the holodecks are powered and crew are able to drop in and out as they wish. The intention was to create an additional informal social space for the Gorkon crew.


The diner staff are all holographic and are always present while the program is active.

  • Tiffany -
  • Waitress 1 -
  • Waitress 2 -
  • Chef -


Tiffany's has been designed in the style of a small-town American (Earth) diner from the mid-1950's. A black and white checked floor pattern contrasts with the bright red upholstery. The metal fixtures and fittings are mostly chrome. A main serving bar dominates one side of the diner, complete with bar stools for customers. Behind the counter, visible through an open hatch, lies the kitchen area. Booths with high-backed red chairs run along the opposite side, each capable of comfortably sitting up to 6 people. The main floor area contains plastic-topped tables and chairs suitable for up to 4 diners. The tables and chairs can easily been moved out of the way if the floor space is needed for a special event or as a dance floor.

A brightly-coloured jukebox stands against the far wall - it appears to be loaded only with songs appropriate to the time period but is actually capable of playing any music held in the ship's computer.

The diner walls display an often-changing collection of memorabilia from the setting; mostly film posters, photos of sports celebrities and a surprising number of metal road signs.

The program includes a small outside area which mostly comprises of a carpark containing automobiles and motorbikes from the time period as well as a nearby road.


The menu that appears on the tables inside is largely filled with options for burgers, milkshakes, breakfasts (especially waffles) and apple pie. However, the program is designed to provide any food item that can be produced by the ship replicators and customers can request any meal they desire from their waitress. The kitchen will serve the food after an appropriate delay.

In addition, there is a 'specials' board which changes daily, cycling through the entire replicator menu at random which can yield some unusual suggestions.


Tiffany's Diner holds regular themed evenings, such as jitterbug dancing lessons and B-movie film nights.