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Gorkon-Raw.png Life happens. Coffee helps.

The Brew Continuum is a coffee house on the USS Gorkon, one of a series installed on aboard various Starfleet vessels and the brainchild of Geoffrey Teller. Established after Valesha Sienelis and Christopher Johns met and served with Teller during the Warp XV Capstone project, it is tactically located near one of the main arteries of the turbolift network, close to the centre of the ship.


The Brew Continuum can be smelt before it's seen, and the scent of roasted coffee wafts down the corridors for some distance. An open archway leads inside, with the franchise logo hanging from its highest point; personalised for the Gorkon with the silhouette of a Sovereign-class starship, and completed with the motto "Life happens. Coffee helps."

Considerable effort has gone into curating an appearance and atmosphere that recalls old Earth coffeehouses, rather than a starship lounge, creating a welcoming and relaxed ambiance. Anyone who attended the San Francisco campus of Starfleet Academy may recognise inspiration from the many cafes and coffeehouses in proximity to the Academy; wooden flooring and a bare brick effect on the walls, comfortable chairs and sofas mixed with more traditional seated tables, an artificial skylight for the "daytime" hours, and warm, twinkling lights at night. Plants flourish and decorate in abundance, and a selection of artworks decorate the walls, often updated with local works when the ship visits a new planet.

Branded mug in use aboard the USS Gorkon