Gorkon Deck Layout/Sto'Vo'Kor

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Nine Forward, unofficially known to the crew as Sto'Vo'Kor, is the main crew lounge of the USS Gorkon, primarily tended to by Mek, a civilian Klingon of advanced years. It is a tall room, two decks high, with a mezzanine along one wall, looking out on the floor below. The decor is unremarkable, matching that of the rest of the ship; the real attraction are the vast windows that span the full height of the room.

The lower floor is a typical lounge space; a bar and replicators are available, with plenty of tables and chairs for people to congregate and use. There is a section of deck raised a short height, and on certain nights the tables in this area are cleared so that it may be used as a stage or dance floor.

The mezzanine also has seating, but of a more relaxed nature, with sofas and low coffee tables. There are a selection of games available here, often rotating through a variety from different species, but there is always at least one pool table present.