Glutik (PNPC) is civilian diplomat on the USS Columbia.

------------------------- Glutik -------------------------


  • Full Name: Glutik
  • Race: Tellarite
  • Date of Birth: 2341
  • Place of Birth: Tellar Prime
  • Age: 50
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Glutik is a typical Tellarite who likes a good argument and who would talk to anyone just to satisfy his craving for a good dispute. He is not particularly intelligent, but this has never stopped him from making a nuisance of himself.

  • He excels in the art of embarrassing people in public, and due to this will often find that his so called friends avoid him like the plague.


  • He has a knack for imposing his presence on others and often find a way to get invited to meals.

Personal History

  • Glutik is a friend of Brek and he has worked for years as a freighter pilot, based on SB118. However the political unrest in the region made it difficult for him to find regular assignments, so in late 2390 he changed career and turned to diplomacy.

  • At the moment he is stationed on the USS Columbia as a diplomatic press attaché. He has been less troublesome than usual lately, as Dakarai has convinced him that he should write his memoirs.