Baldswanna Gilseng

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Ensign Baldswanna C. Gilseng is currently assigned to the USS Steadfast-A as a counselor.

  • DOB: 236403.27
  • Species: Vissian
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Blue-Black
  • Eye color:Black
  • Height: 175.26 centimeters


  • Mother: Classified
  • Father: Classified



(According to Experiment 626, all subjects must thenceforth have no information released to the public, and assume an alternative name.)

What can be discerned is that the experiment that she was involved in was quickly covered up by the planetary government very quickly. After the experiment, Baldswanna left her planet and joined the Starfleet. During classes she seemed to hold back, and after she completed her Academy years she was only average in all of her classes. All that people know of her is what she has indulged to them. It has been a eight years since she has left her planet and her current activities include playing chess and go, both games that she learned at the academy. To those who know her, regard her as an upbeat personality. To those who have just met her, they get the feeling that she isn't saying enough about herself.