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“Of the chief Parts of the Ruling Passion, only this can be truly said: Hate has a reason for everything. But love is unreasonable.”

Rihannsu Proverb
StarBase 118 Ops
Giellun tr Pardek.jpg
Giellun (Geh-eel-liya-un) i'Ki Baratan tr'Pardek
Position Military Attache attached to the Romulan Embassy / Free State
Rank Lieutenant
Species Rihannsu
Gender Male
DOB 233903.29
Age 61
Birthplace Krocton Segment, Ki Baratan, ch'Rihan
Writer ID J239812S14

Giellun i'Ki Baratan tr'Pardek is an Erein (Lieutenant) attached to the small Romulan consulate located NOWHERE as of 240002.20. He is a security officer by training through the now Free State military but at the consulate finds himself more in a management/logistics position, managing daily affairs as regarding to the safety and security of those within the consulate. It has been quite an adjustment, but he has found his new surroundings to quite interesting.


  • Height: 1.9 m
  • Weight: 81.6 kg
  • Hair/Hair Length: Dark Brown, almost black, cut short to meet regs
  • Eyes: dark brown
  • Skin: Light olive, with a slight green undertone
  • Build: Trim, fit
  • Carriage: Upright, yet relaxed
  • Voice: Deep, slightly gravelly


  • Father: Ameh e-Jarok tr'Pardek (deceased)
  • Mother: Lavara i'Ki Baratan tr'Pardek (deceased)
  • Siblings: Khoal, brother (deceased), Pel, sister (deceased), Karina, sister (deceased)
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none


  • Temperment: He's Rihannsu. He can be charming and gregarious, but deep down trusts no one - most of those who were worthy of his trust have all passed beyond.
  • Habits: He has a habit of smirking when amused; and he may spend far too much time at the gym when off-duty.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - these Elements have become living things that the Rihannsu now identify with. So the veneration of these elements evolved into a religious practice of sorts. Temples sprang up in towns and cities, each focused on worshiping a particular Element. Giellun associates closely with Fire - but others have told him that was a crock of khlle and that his is far too pragmatic and rooted in Earth to be able to claim Fire's sole dominion over his life.
  • Hobbies: He, like all Rihannsu, engaged in many aspects of artistic impression. He was a natural musician and proficiently played a number of instruments. However, after Hobus, he has never played since. There did not seem like much of a point to engaging in such frivolous things...
  • Quarters: Homeless ATM - To be determined - will be moving to Shi'Kahr district to small area granted to the Romulans after the bombing of their Embassy
  • Favorite Food: Osol twist - a Rihannsu confectionary food known for its tart taste.
  • Favorite Drink: Aesollh - A Romulan tea, famed for its spicy, nutty flavor and relatively common within replicator data banks. Ranges in color from a violet to a deep blue. Brewed from the blossoms of a flowering plant from the equatorial region of ch’Rihan.

Giellun is the grandson to the famous (or infamous, depending on the circles one frequents) Senator Pardek. (He was the head of the house, hence no prefix.) He was born in the capital city of Ki'Baratan on ch'Rihan (Romulus), at his clan's estate in the Krocton Segment. He came from a tight-knit, honorable family, and with pride joined the Romulan Star Navy to carry on the tradition of familial service to the Empire. He was off-world when Hobus went supernova, destroying his home and most of his family.

Since the destruction of his way of life, Giellun has poured his life into serving what was left of the Empire...The Free State. He is a reasonably honorable sort, having never acquired the desire for multitudinous levels of subterfuge some of his brethren engage in. This doesn't mean he's transparent, but he lacks the ambition required to make a true name for himself - like his hru'diranov (grandfather) did. He's found himself locked into a role of convenience. The military keeps him clothed and fed, and he is good at his job. It's a win-win.

He has recently found himself transferred to--of all places--a Federation starbase! Now attached to the small consulate as a military attache, Giellun has found that the normalcy of his life has been upended. Once one walks outside of the doors of the consulate a very alien world awaits - He has just begun small outings to public areas in the Commercial District, for reconnaissance mind you...knowing the 'enemy,' yes?

Fun Facts and Trivia


A Vulcan female Starfleet Officer who saved his life. Of course she also messed with his brain somehow which necessitated a trip to a Vulcan temple and allowing another Vulcan into his mind. However, since then...well...she is a rather fascinating female. No wait. That's not right. He's very thankful that she saved his life and all, but he can't seem to get her out his head. It's frustrating. A Vulcan, of all things! ...but she does have some Fire in her. No. Wait. Wrong. Bad Giellun, bad! Fvadt.


  • Rihannsu: Native
  • Federation Standard: Fluent
  • Klingon: Fluent

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