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The Ghost Ship of Shadows

  • Stardates 239108-239109

Shore leave is cut short when the Garuda crew are called on an urgent mission to hunt down a rogue Starfleet vessel: the Garuda's predecessor USS Mercury.

The USS Mercury has gone rogue, and it's up to the Garuda to stop her.

Guest Stars


  • Stardates 239106-239107

Mission Summary

Part 1

  • Stardate 239108

The crew of the USS Garuda savoured shore-leave after a somewhat traumatic last mission with its fair share of treachory and sabotage. However, things were cut short when they were soon called away on an urgent new mission. This was to intercept their fellow Federation starship, the USS Mercury. For many on the Garuda, the Mercury was there former posting and all were concerned to hear reports that it had attacked and largely destroyed the USS Icarus. Had the Mercury and its crew turned renegades, or was there some insidious outside influence on all of this?

The USS Garuda raced to the location where the encounter between the Icarus and the Mercury had been reported, only to discover that the crippled Mercury - far from trying to hide, openly hailed the Garuda. However, scans showed no life signs whatsoever aboard the damaged science vessel. Two away teams beamed over, under Lieutenant Commanders Calderan and Core, who were tasked with restoring the Mercury's systems and discover who or what had caused the disaster. Meanwhile, the Garuda received a distress call from what was the Mercury's jettisoned sensor pod. Captain Egan Manno ordered the Saucer section under LtCmdr Mei'konda to remain to assist the away teams, whilst she took the Stardrive section, with the still under arrest Roshanara Rahman as advisor, to locate the sensor pod. Back on the Mercury, the away teams started seeing strange shadowy figures, who looked like crew they had served alongside in years gone by, and even came face to face with a phantom Lieutenant Sky Blake who simply vanished into thin air.

Part 2

  • Stardate 239109

The USS Garuda split into its primary hull (saucer section) under Lieutenant Commander Mei'konda, and the secondary (stardrive) section under Captain Egan Manno. While Mei'konda waited to assist the Away Teams on the Mercury, Egan Manno went to the rescue of the survivors in the pod. However, far from being full of refugees, the pod contained a mutant monster that beamed over to the stardrive and ran amok before being eliminated. The real Mercury crew were actually in smaller lifeboats and had already being rescued by another ship.

Back on the Mercury, the disgraced Lieutenant Commander Roshanara Rahman assisted Core in getting the Mercury's systems back online, despite the best efforts of her Mercurian doppelganger who took Lieutenant Alora DeVeau as a hostage at gunpoint. It was also discovered at this point that the phantom crew were in fact holograms produced by a rogue artificial intelligence infesting the Mercury, and so not really alive.

With the damaged Mercury secured, the Garuda towed it back to Deep Space 10 for repairs. The crew looked forward to some rest and relaxation over shore leave. However, not all the crew could do so. Rahman was still facing a court martial for her actions in assisting the traitor Commander Harrison Ross a few month before. Worse still, Lieutenant Commander Alleran Tan - a Trill - suffered a near fatal symbiont rejection and needed emergency surgery, his fate still hanging in the balance.