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2364 Born on Denobula: German was born on stardate 236404.17 in Denobula.
2364 Denobula Departure On 236501.02, the Galven family moved to Sand Diego, CA, Earth due to personal reasons.
2371 Family Vacation: On a family Vacation to Trill, German's parents adopted a baby girl named Arlil.
2370s Earth: German attended schooling and became more interested in science than anything else. Although math was also his favorite subject. His parents worked long hours so he took care of his sister.
2377 Sister's Assimilation: While coming home late from school one day, German found Arlil playing in the front yard. He wanted to join and play hide and seek with her. When she ran into the house, something strange happened and a Borg cube crashed behind the house. He tried to run in, but was knocked out from falling debris, but not before he saw a drone kidnap his sister.
2381 Father's Second Marriage Dealing with his sister's abduction, the Galven family went to a counselor for grief therapy. Over the year, his dad got romantically involved with the counselor named Stephax. The teo were married on 238110.17.
2382 High School Graduation: After German graduated high school, he immediately took an internship at his mother's science lab.
2382-2391 Mother's Science Lab German spent 9 years looking for a way to save his sister from the Borg. Believing that she was still out there, he and his mom ran temporal tests and other Quantum physic tests to figure out a way to get back to when she was taken. He became friends with a Betazoid who made him a particular device that would be able to speak to the Collective if he ever came across a drone. He and his friend also outfitted a few nanoprobes to insert into German's brain hoping one day he could see when and where exactly Arlil was.
2391 Application: After German's mom thought he was ready to venture out to find Arlil, she proposed that he should enroll into the Starfleet Academy.
2391-2395 Starfleet Academy: In the 4 years at the academy, German studied several classes within the science field including Quantum Mechanics, Temporal Mechanics, Xenobiology, and Xenology.
2395 Graduation: Four years later, he majored in the first three mentioned above and minored in Xenology.

Veritas: Right into being placed on the USS Veritas, German found himself nearly 600 years in the past due to the Borg. Commander Evan Delano was acting captain at the time due to a discrepancy with Rahman and Mei'konda's rank in time. He was ordered to deactivate a drone and did so, but not before dancing with the Collective

Lieutenant JG: After a couple missions and being kidnapped by a new species, German was promoted to LTJG on 239510.27.

Transfer: German transferred along with several others to the USS Montreal on 239510.31

2396 Promotion: After a grueling mission with pirates and Tholians, a promotion and a new duty post was given as Lieutenant and Chief Science Officer

Montreal Destruction: Dealing with a Vulcan extremist after two missions with the ship colliding toward a colony, Captain Mei'konda makes the decision to abandon ship and self destruct.

Welcome aboard the Astraeus: German and the former Montreal crew are assigned to a new ship and after a few days, an awards ceremony is held where a several of the crew is promoted and German is Lt. Commander Galven.

Needed Elsewhere: The fleet in its entirety seeks help from the experienced Astraeus crew and German is transferred to Starbase 118 Ops.