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Denobulan Language

Although complex through writings, Denobulans speak in a language derived from the planet, Denobula


  • Daam naav sa-ku? - Do you like the food?
  • Prah-vit. - Continue.
  • Jai-ngahluu. - A fruit.
  • Mai - You

Building Sentence Structure

Transitive Verbs are uncommon with the species and although reversed in sentance structure, once learned it's easier to pick up on.

  • Mai naav nic-ngahruu? - You like the female?
  • Shikne ne prah-vit. Daam mish Jai-ngahluu. - Continue with the children. They need fruit.
  • Sci-nceva nishba jai-fuum. - Science is the only answer.

German's Denobulan Signature: German signature.jpg Denobula's Quadrant Location: Denobulan Calligraphy.png