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German Galven

  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 175 pounds
  • Blood Type: O Positive
  • T/E Rating: T0/E0


  • Chronic Illnesses: None
  • Medications:
  • Allergies and Reactions: None
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: None


  • 239508.16: Onboarding physical. Gel treatment and dermal regeneration to the plasma burns sustained 4 days earlier by Dr. Skyfire.
  • 239508.12: Patient entered with 3rd degree plasma burns around the temples from an overheated visual aid. Treated in sickbay by Dr. Alexander-Dalton.
  • 239512.26: Patient entered with hip pain. Treated in Sickbay by Nurse Beelam Grog.




  • Alcohol:
  • Recreation Drugs:
  • Other:


  • Siblings:


  • Marital status:
  • Children: None
  • Occupation/Assignment: Science Officer, USS Veritas
  • Diet:
  • Exercise:


  • Stardate 239108.02:
    • Medical Officer: Dr. James Cornish, Academy Physician
    • Medical Assessment: Patient has sustained continuous radiation exposure for a minimum of nine years, resulting in sterility. Reproduction is impossible. Otherwise, cleared for duty.
  • Stardate 23950812:
    • Medical Officer: Lieutenant Dassa Alexander, PD/PDS
    • Medical Assessment: File created. Patient experienced some dizziness after throwing the visor technology to the ground, causing partial hair loss and third degree plasma burns to both temples. Treated via burn gel. Expressed interest in visiting with the patient 3 of 10 following her disconnection from the Borg Collective - request denied.
  • Stardate 239508.16:
    • Medical Officer: Lt. Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD; Chief Medical Officer
    • Medical Assessment: Remaining treatment of plasma burns, followed by dermal regeneration and mandatory onboarding physical. Cleared for duty.
  • Stardate 239512.26:
    • Medical Officer: Ensign Beelam Grog, Nurse; Medical Officer
    • Medical Assessment: Patient came in with severe hip pain from spacesuit while fighting pirate factions, requested physical therapy one day per week. Cleared for duty.


  • Stardate 239508.22:

The first impression I got of Ensign Galven was in the officer's lounge where he sought me out on his own initiative to set up an appointment. Though he was a few minutes late he kept to the scheduled time and was ready and willing to talk with me.

His family had a rough history with Klingons due to an incident that occurred with one of his ancestors. This rough history appears to have led to a mild xenophobic attitude; in German this attitude seems to be quickly diminishing. Despite my being half Klingon he has been nothing but courteous and pleasant; he even gave me a compliment at the start of the session. His knowledge of Klingons is, in his own opinion, lacking and so I recommend some reading materials for him to use to increase his knowledge base in that area.

The ensign has a strong love for his sister, who is presumed to have been possibly assimilated by the Borg collective. His desire to find and rescue her is admirable. A desire like this can lead to a blind pursuit for vengeance however so I will be certain to check on his status often when dealing with related issues. I believe there is little chance of the ensign succumbing as of now to such an emotional state because he has stated a concern for his desire being mistaken as being motivated by revenge which shows to me that he is aware of that possibility to some degree.

German Galven appears to be a stable and enthusiastic officer. He shows excitement and a desire to learn and participate. With his energy and intellect, it is my opinion that he will easily become a valuable asset to the crew.

REV SD 239601.01