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USS Constitution-B
Georgio Blue Hair.png
Position Emergency Hair Stylist
Rank Civilian
Species Sentient Hologram
Gender None
Pronouns Any
DOB 239109.02
Age 9
Birthplace USS Apollo-A

Georgio is currently serving as a Emergency Holographic Hair Stylist and Fashion Police aboard the USS Constitution-B.


Georgio's appearance is not fixed, he could be anything or anyone. The parameters below are his 'go to' but it may vary at any moment.

  • Height: 1,75m
  • Weight: none
  • Hair: Currently Baby blue with pink strands and tips, slightly longer
  • Eyes: Baby Blue
  • Appearance: Appears Korean at the moment, with slim build, very flamboyant in any shape and form


  • Nicknames: Glitter Goblin
  • Achievements: Has not been thrown out of an airlock yet


  • Avaris Torrin - Avaris was the first person who considered Georgio a friend and showed him that there is more to him than being the center of the universe.
  • Mark Two - The EMH of the Constitution is another sentient hologram who shows him that there is more than fashion and hairstyles to people and life. Georgio meant to teach Mark what holograms could do, and Mark surprised him by teaching him some things. Mark is Georgio's best friend.
  • Serendipity - Georgio has a holographic plant to take care of after Mark suggested to use one of those instead of a living plant. Serendipity is a flower from the planet Mundahla. It has shimmering holo petals and leaves that change color in all colours of the spectrum depending on the angle of light. Serendipity needs care just like any other plant to 'live'. Georgio carries Serendipty around in a baby carrier and he sees himself as a plant dad.


Georgio is very convinced that he is the center of the universe, everyone will love him once he knows him and that every suggestion he makes is the dot on the i. He does not grasp that someone might feel him overbearing, rude or too blunt. He says things how he sees them without any filter. He invades the privacy of people and their personal space, because he is not familiar with these concepts.

Georgio is very flamboyant and chipper, without a care in the world apart from saving the world from hair-, make-up- or fashion disasters. He also enjoys decorating rooms and giving them a certain flair, even if the inhabitant might have a different taste. He is a hairstylist with every pixel of his body, the rest is only addition, and will do everything to make a person look their best.

Georgio can change hair and eye colour on a whim, mostly depending on mood or to give the outfit an extra edge, but his go to is pink hair and blue eyes. He mixes and matches fashion from all over the galaxy, sometimes rather wild, mostly colourful but (in his eyes) tasteful. He does not succumb to one gender identity. When asked if he is male or female he will answer "Yes!" (though he appears in a male shape he has very feminine attributes) He wears everything from female to male or genderless attire, and loves accessories, whatever he enjoys.

He is rather unconventional, and while aware that he is a hologram, not aware who made him, as that information has been scrambled from the database. He refuses to look up information in the database that does not have to do with his passion of style and design. He was activated in 2391 on the USS Apollo-A and transferred with the rest of the crew to the USS Constitution. He is currently unaware who created him and why - or chooses not to remember it. Who knows.


  • Accessing the ship's computer
  • 'Teleporting' from one location to the other as long as it is connected to the same network
  • He owns and wears a Mobile emitter. When in use he is not connected to the Constitution Computer any more but can move freely outside of holographic emitter networks
  • Trait skills: Fashionista, Make-up artist, Haird sculpture designer, Interior Designer, Walking encyclopaedia about history of fashion and design
  • Making his best friend Mark Two happy

Notable Sims

Achievements and Awards

  • To this day Georgio was the only soul who his father allowed to cut his hair, able to work around an egregious injury. Since leaving the Constitution his dad only cut his own hair on an irregular basis which made him quite possibly the shaggiest doctor in all of Starfleet. ~ Mark Two
  • Lifesaving Ribbon - 239809.19 - During this mission all of us have gone above and beyond, looking out for each other. And hence we award the following: Lystra, Cade Foster, Jacob Horne, Atan T’Seva, Mark Two, Georgio receive the Lifesaving ribbon. ~ Jalana Rajel
  • Silver Star Ribbon - 239809.19 - Our next commendation is going to some of our crew that we don’t often get to award. The Silver star is an award for gallantry in action against an enemy of the Federation. Such gallantry can be shown in many ways and this time is the act of going beyond the hull of this ship, to save those injured by the attacks through the syndicate. An action taken by H'Rhaedrol Barr, Mark Two and Georgio. ~ Jalana Rajel