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USS Resolution
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Genkos Adea
Position Second Officer / Chief Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
DOB 236906.24
Age 29
Birthplace Dekoa, Betazed
Writer ID User: Genkos Adea
Awards & Service Ribbons
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Pathfinder Award
1-year Member
Prantares Ribbon
Sheathed Sword

Awards & Service Ribbons
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Orion Syndicate Service Medal
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Purple Heart
Explorer's Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Silver Star
Maiden Voyage Ribbon
Project Capstone Ribbon
Warp XV Drive Pioneer
Legion of Merit
Department Chief Ribbon
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon

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Genkos with his sword cane, courtesy of Jo Marshall


A label made by Jo Marshall after the Sikuna mission

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Genkos' award winning 2018 Halloween Avatar, designed by Jo Marshall.


A badge from the Skarbek mission, courtesy of Jo Marshall


Genkos' badge for winning the December 2395 Quote of the Month competition, courtesy of Jo Marshall

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Genkos' badge for winning the May 2396 QotM competition, courtesy of Jo Marshall

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Genkos' award winning 2019 Halloween avatar, designed by Jo Marshall

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Genkos' badges for winning the November 2396 QotM competition, courtesy of Jo Marshall


Genkos' badges for winning the March 2397 QotM competition, courtesy of Jo Marshall

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Genkos Adea's 2020 Awards Ceremony Avatar


Genkos 'Archerified' by Jo Marshall

Publicity Team
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Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
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25th Anniversary
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Awards Ceremony Nominator Elite
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SOTFA Taskforce Commendation
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SOTFA Ship Commendation
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Excellence in Training
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FNS Editor
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To Boldly Go
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Player Achievements
It's all in the details
A face for the name
Data hound
Detail oriented
News Hound
Two heads are better than one
Helping hand
I heard that
These things happen
It's part of the job
Press F to Honor
Look who's talking
First Star on the Right
Man on a mission
It takes two
Subspace Communicator
Captain Proton to the Rescue!
Event Oriented
Beam me down, Leana!
This is Not a Drill

Aboard the Gorkon

Arrival (239502.07 - 2385902.17)

On arriving aboard the Gorkon, Genkos was thrown straight into the deep end. Meeting Yiggtissi on his arrival in sickbay, his first duty was to stabilise the recently wounded Tasha MacFarlane, and once she was stabilised, he helped to heal the Saurian's shoulder. At the close of shift, he went to his quarters for the very first time.

Shore Leave - Cloud Skipper, Palanon (239502.17 - 239504.14)

With the business aboard Starbase 173 completed, the Gorkon crew were given shore leave on the pleasure cruise ship, the Cloud Skipper. At first Genkos visited the spa where he met with Tasha MacFarlane, Ayiana Sevo, Sasak and Petra Bjarnadottir-Stoyer, after which he visited the on-board nature reserve with Ovidia Rosicia. Returning to the Gorkon, he carried out Eerie's annual physical exam, after which he was embarrassed when interrupted dancing. After this, Genkos, Yiggtissi and Tali Namura created and attached MacFarlane's new forearm, an operation which Genkos carried out with Yiggtissi's assistance. They then ran a battery of tests on the new arm to test its capabilities, after which Yiggtissi, Namura and Genkos had a meal together in Sickbay's Crew Lounge. After the shift, Genkos had a shower in his quarters before visiting the Gorkon's bar, Sto'Vo'Kor, where he bumped into Yiggtissi and Xanti Ilas Ysa Liss. The next day, Genkos went to the awards ceremony in the Wardroom where he saw Admiral Reynolds for the first time, before having a drink with Orson Marshall and Eerie, during which he witnessed the return of Nugra to the Gorkon.

Mission - Hvei'khenn (239504.14 - 239506.07)

Genkos was attached to the team sent to the Administration Centre to help with the protesting Romulan citizens. With Eerie, Ayiana Sevo, Tasi, and Alucard Vess, Genkos met with Governor Khaveid and entered the facility. After a heated discussion with the Governor, Genkos and Eerie were sent outside to talk to some of the protesters, but with an storm incoming, and with tempers running high, the decision was made to move everybody indoors. Once inside, Genkos helped the others disperse care packages, but an antagonist encounter with Dhisuia got Genkos reprimanded by Sevo, Vess and the Governor. Back in the conference room, their meeting was cut short by the announcement that a beating was occurring on the floor above. It was Dhisuia, the woman who had called Genkos a cripple who was being beaten up. Whilst Eerie and Sevo stopped the violence, Genkos gave first aid. However it was not enough, and he, Vess and Tasi stayed to stabilise her whilst Eerie and Sevo went off to get supplies. They had to re-inflate her lung, fix a pelvic fracture and stop a hematoma, which was made considerably easier when Eerie and Sevo returned with medical supplies.

Shore Leave - Trill (239506.07 - 239508.13)

Arriving back from Sikuna, Genkos tried to relax with a game of golf on the holodeck before carrying out Ferier Lanta's annual physical, as well as Davine D'fini's examination on her arrival on board the Gorkon. Consumed by guilt over Dhisuia's beating, he called his parents for some advice. He was then invited to dinner with Yiggtissi and his family. On his way there, he was flown down to the planet by Crewman Roshier Jackson. He shared his shuttlecraft with Tasi, with whom he had a long conversation about Genkos' actions on Sikuna, Lurith, and Genkos' general mental health. He then had an incredibly pleasant dinner with Yiggtissi, his wife Innouasag, and his daughter Jainnoirra. During the crew's camping trip, Genkos spent an evening around the campfire with Groznin Smith, Caedan Nkai and Sera zh'Aella. That evening he had a dreadful nightmare that brought all his fears together. The next morning he breakfasted with Jainnorra, then they met with Davine D'fini to go the zoo together. However, the rickety shuttle they had boarded crashed, killing the pilot, Magna Vugnis, who was impaled on half of Genkos' cane. Genkos lost his cybernetic leg, but D'fini and Jainnorra had only minor injuries. They were swiftly rescued and twenty-four hours later Genkos was back in his quarters on the Gorkon with a new biosynthetic leg, where he met with Davine and they discussed the aftermath of the crash, before heading to the mess hall for dinner. The next evening, the penultimate on Trill, Genkos was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) and received his first task from the new CMO, Yiggtissi - conduct a report on the efficacy of changing the standard medkit. After the Gorkon set off, Genkos carried out a routine check-up on Valesha Sienelis which was distinctly uncomfortable for him, as she is a Romulan. However, it made him start to see the Romulans from a different light.

Mission - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This (239508.13 - 239511.14)

For details of what happened in the Dream State, please see Genkos Sim/Skarbek In order to try and escape the Dream State, Genkos joined minds with Erin Reynolds in an attempt to contact the conscious mind of Admiral Quinn Reynolds. Although she was able to tell them their real identities as Starfleet officers, she was unable to help them wake up. After leaving them alone, Genkos explored Erin's mind revealing her real identity and personality, and then she did the same to Genkos. In doing so, she unleashed a psychic block that Genkos was unaware of that had been placed there by his father Tillul Sim. Before he could process that, he woke up in Shuttle Bay 2 with Lt. (JG) Smith and Lt. Marshall, and tried to investigate an accident that had occurred therein. Before long he was called to Sickbay to carry out a successful spleen replacement on Caedan Nkai with the aid of the EMH.

Shore Leave - Palanon (239511.14 - 239602.05)

After performing the operation, Genkos left his patient and took a shower, which was interrupted by the EMH. Returning to his quarters, he called home, and discussed the revelation of the psychic block with his mother. He also sent a brief message to Erin Reynolds to discuss their mental connection, before bumping into Tali Namura and going to Sto'Vo'Kor with her. They had a meal with Xanti Ilas Ysa Liss, after which Genkos returned to his quarters. He then received a visit from Ferier Kian who asked him for advice over his relationship with Emilia Krugol and also gave him a beautifully handcarved cane. Not long after, Kian visited Genkos in sickbay with very low isoboramin, and together they shared flashbacks to one of Kian's past lives in the Dominion War. Still on duty in Sickbay, Genkos was visited by Cory Stoyer after his accident on the holodeck, as well as Nakura Nightfur for her primary checkup. His telepathy still wildly out of control, Genkos received training from Kel Baina to maintain his mental block, training which is still ongoing. Soon after, Genkos hosted a party for the medical staff in Holodeck 9, the highlight of which was Genkos and Tali Namura carrying Corliss Fortune back to her quarters, a little worse for wear. Back on duty, Genkos carried out a routine check-up on Groznin Smith, before visiting Corliss Fortune and describing the betrayal he felt by his father's actions. At the end of shore leave, Genkos attended the party held on the outer hull, at which he was promoted to a full Lieutenant, and made Chief Medical Officer.

Mission - The Njörðr Incident (239602.05 - 239603.22)

Genkos was carrying out research on Rushton's aboard the USS Njörðr when it was struck by an odd subspace nebular that caused the gravity to shift, and Genkos was thrown to the ceiling. It was aboard the Njörðr that Genkos first met Joan Basilone and Carmen Tis as well as the littlest pup, Toto. It was a tense and horrific experience, but Genkos managed it with their help and that of Jo Marshall. Severely injured by the end of the mission, Genkos was rushed into the USS Yarahla's sickbay for a series of operations.

Shore Leave - Deluvia IV (239603.22 - 239605.18)

After recovering from his injuries aboard the Yarahla, Genkos was gifted the young puppy Toto by Ensign Aleksandra Yashkin (with whom he later spent an unforgettable evening), a puppy he has had ever since. After speaking to his mother about her new boyfriend, and her recent name change, Genkos decided to change his own surname, Sim, to his mother's name, Adea. Although it is Betazoid tradition to take a maternal surname, his father had spoken passionately about his dying family name, and that's why he was called Sim. He met with Joan Basilone and her friends on the surface of Deluvia IV, before going back to his quarters with Aleksandra. Back into the swing of things, he carried out checkups on Jang, Joan Basilone, Samira Neathler and Kyrrha Tereen, as well as attending appointments with Corliss and Kafkazet. He also met up with his romantic partner, Kel Baina, several times whilst on the surface. He had heartfelt conversations with Erin Reynolds and Groznin Smith, the first about their mindmelding aboard the Skarbek, and the second about the recent departure of his son.

Mission - Operation Sea Devil (239605.18 - 239607.23)

After a briefing on the Gorkon, Genkos was assigned to his first away team as leader. He was put in charge of Stoyer, Neathler, and Tereen. They took a shuttle craft down to the asteroid Nassau, where their mission was to capture the Orion Syndicate boss, Leelou. After renting a hotel room to utilise as a base, Genkos sent Stoyer and Neathler to the market to find materials for a neutralising device that Tereen was building. However, Genkos and Tereen were interrupted by a drunk Gorn, who they fought into unconsciousness, and fled down the fire escape. Reconvening in a bar named the Copper next to the Vortex, Leelou's base, they formed a plan of attack. Genkos and Tereen sneaked into the back of the club, surprising Leelou, and managing to subdue and capture her as a team. Escorting her back to their shuttle became tricky however, and they got into a gunfight near the docks. Thankfully, a well placed shot from Stoyer took her down, and they managed to get her back to the Triumphant without further issues. Arriving at the Triumphant, however, Genkos discovered that Jo Marshall was severely injured, and he stayed by her bed until they could reach the Gorkon. She was also visited by Caitríona Cayne, the Gorkon's new medical ensign, with whom he had a heartfelt conversation, which was crashed by a critically injured Groznin Smith.

Shore Leave - Earth (239607.23 - 239609.30)

Genkos began his shore leave, after recovering from Nassau, by taking part in a shuttlecraft recertification course. Unfortunately he was unpleasantly surprised to see that the pilot was none other than Ghant Xerix, the man he dated, albeit briefly, at the Academy. As they had not left things in a good position, the meeting was heated, and resulted in Ghant beaming Genkos into Sickbay, an act that made Genkos feel extremely angry and violated. Once safely ensconced in his office, he met with Caitríona Cayne to discuss her performance on Nassau, and carry out her first medical exam aboard the Gorkon, before finding an apologetic gift from Ghant left on his desk. This only served to make him angrier as Ghant was accusing him of hiding his identity with his name change. However, receiving two medals and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander quickly put paid to those feelings. He had a brief, but he hopes helpful, chat with L'rann who was suffering from survivor's guilt. Back on shift in Sickbay, he aided Tasha MacFarlane when she was having troubles with a sluggish arm, caused by a rogue bone chip. They were interrupted by Ghant and Kyrrha Tereen who had been sent by the Admiral to Sickbay as punishment for a brawl that had gone too far. It gave him a perverse sort of pleasure to meat out boring and / or difficult tasks to them both, but Ghant in particular. He had a debrief with Cory, who was very complimentary about his time on Nassau, which Genkos appreciated. As it was his first away mission, he was anxious to know how it was perceived. Thankfully, it was overwhelmingly positive. Returning to his office, he was visited by a surprise guest - Erin Reynolds. She had seen Ghant at the medal ceremony, and wanted to make sure that Genkos was okay. He was deeply touched by her concern, and they had a Deep and Meaningful Chat about the state of his and Ghant's relationship, whilst getting steadily (and unsteady) more sloshed on sapphire wine. They quit Sickbay, and ended up in her quarters, where Jo found them late that night giggling into their Bajoran brandy. On leave to Earth, Genkos engaged in a holoadventure with Tasha, Ayiana Sevo and Toran Sevo, Caitrona Cayne and Rhone. They engaged in a Terran medieval swords and sorcery programme where Genkos played as a cleric, with Toto masquerading as his protection. Genkos and Ghant decided to bury the hatchet after meeting with each other having both deciding to apologise, but the conversation was a little derailed after Ghant revealed that Genkos was his first love. Returning to Sickbay, Genkos fiddled about with the workings of his leg with the new Ensign Loxley whilst they discussed their limitations and the biosynthetic field. Genkos decided to make a grand(ish) gesture as an apology to Ghant, and so arranged to have tea with the man. He had a short drink with Groznin in which he suppressed his own conflicted feelings about Ghant, and instead comforted Groznin on the defection of his son to the Klingons. Ghant and Genkos rekindled their romance in a tearoom in London, albeit agreeing to take it slowly, and then almost immediately waking up together in Genkos' bed. They opened up to one another and their relationship blossomed. So much so that Laxe caught them in flagrante delicto, which resulted in Genkos and his mother talking again, as they had been silent to one another since Laxe had stormed out of a rehearsal for Julius Caesar. Ghant later opened up about the death of his cousin Choupette, and the custody battle for his niece Victoire. He was later invited to a game of pool with Quinn and Jo at the Foo Bar in San Francisco, where, after sharking him at the game, they offered him the role of Second Officer aboard the Gorkon, which he gratefully accepted. However, he had not expected to have that new role taxed so soon, but he witnessed a communique to Ghant suggesting that a ship named the Grace would soon be attacked. Despite Ghant's protestations to the contrary, Genkos spoke to the Admiral and told her about the communique behind Ghant's back, a move he came to regret when Ghant volunteered to tell the Admiral himself on the way to her wedding. Arriving at the wedding, the two parted, and Genkos sat in the corner drinking a Terran beverage known as champagne. He sat with Corliss and Loxley, sneaking into the kitchen to grab a chocolate beverage. When Ghant sang a song, ostensibly about his relationship with the good doctor, Genkos shattered a glass in his grip and was sent home. The next morning, he discovered Ghant in bed with Caedan Nkai. Genkos immediately left the room, and was distraught for two days, seeking solace from his mother, as well as from his friends Jo Marshall and Erin Reynolds.

Aboard the Juneau

Mission - Project Capstone (239510.28 - 239601.22)

Genkos served as the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Juneau during its test flights of the Warp XV Engine. After meeting the various department heads, and Nurse Selina Masterson, Genkos began doing the primary medical check-ups on various members of staff, including Ghant Xerix (with whom he had a frank discussion about their recently dissolved relationship), Tiria Hamsaki, Samira Neathler, Toryn Raga, Alastriona DeTroyes, and Kelrod. Geoffrey Teller called him into the Brew Continuum after suffering minor burns from an exploding piece of coffee apparatus, where they were interrupted by the FO, Kiliak Jo who remonstrated Teller for managing his franchise instead of being the Chief Engineer. He began a rebounding relationship with the Juneau’s resident FNS reporter, the stunning Georgette Lamaelle, with whom he had several memorable evenings. He was involved in a short incident when a surveillance device was located in his office, after which he had a brief meal with Kiliak in the Mess Hall. Later, he was dispatched down the starboard nacelle to deal with the fallouts of injuries caused when an energy discharge attached itself to a pylon, joining Kelrod in his investigation of the phenomenon. Investigating a suspected tampering incident in Environmental Support with Sienelis, Johns, Kelrod and Hyden led to them accidentally detonating a hidden bomb. Genkos thankfully managed to save the young ensign, a young Iridian called Dhawan, who had been the closest to the blast point. The Iridian was badly burned, but through quick thinking and improvisation, Genkos managed to stabilise him before they were forced to move deeper into the ship to prevent any further explosions. His final “mission” aboard the Juneau was a response to a distress signal aboard the Vulcan passenger ship, the SS Ascent Vine. Genkos was initially charged with triaging their passengers, but was swiftly moved to aid Fleet Commander T’Kosa who was suspected to have been poisoned. Before he could do too much however, he and the rest of the team (Sienelis, Johns and Peters) were beamed back aboard the Juneau in time to observe the detonation of the asteroid field. This caused the destruction of the Ascent Vine and also seemed to be the deaths of the 6,000 Vulcans aboard, but it was later revealed that they were all saved by the Orion Syndicate. They were all later released, with the exception of Fleet Commander T’Kosa...

Back Aboard the Gorkon

Mission - Together in Electric Dreams (239609.30 - 239611.26)

After being taunted by the Q for his savagery and lack of care as 'Kos, Genkos awoke in Sickbay. He quickly established a triage for the numerous medical emergencies that sprang up before heading to the bridge to help cure Jo Marshall's radiation sickness which, like all effects of the Q, dissipated quickly.

Shore Leave - Giáng Sinh (239611.26 - 239702.29)

Genkos returned from the Q-verse a broken man; he swore off alcohol to distance himself from ‘Kos Sim, as well as ensuring stubble never graced his face. The brutal murder of a Cardassian that he had committed in the Q-verse haunted him - the smell of the blood, the rush of adrenaline and the feeling of flesh giving way beneath his fists all kept replaying in his mind. He wrote up his resignation, umming and ahhing over whether or not to send it to the Admiral.

His return to duty was fairly eventful - in the rush of the fallout of the Q’s actions, he had completely forgotten about the evacuation drill he had scheduled with Jona ch’Ranni. However, T’Hal, Naiara Franklin, and Loxley did exceptionally well evacuating the sickbay when the drill occurred, with the help of James Colquhoun. Unfortunately, Genkos’ insistence that he be the last to leave cost them precious seconds and they missed the standard time by five seconds. When this was pointed out to him by ch’Ranni in their debrief,Genkos grew quite defensive and considered it worth it. He was upset by ch’Ranni’s words, and worked through the night, falling asleep in his office.

He then had a counselling session with Corliss, but with a twist - they entered one of the counselling holodecks and shared a round of golf as they spoke. Genkos found it rather beneficial to keep his body occupied whilst they talked.

He later made his way down to Giáng Sing, the suddenly snowy outpost. He took Toto for many walks in the snow, because the littlest pup was fascinated by it, although he wasn’t so little any more. He bumped into Jo Marshall, and they spoke about Caedan Nkai’s upcoming birthday party, as well as their shared experiences in the Skarbek-verse, whilst they walked towards the central area with Christmas decorations and grabbed some food. He was later joined by a reticent Kyrrha Tereen, with whom he discussed the mechanics of the Q’s machinations, at least until Cory Stoyer showed up and whisked her away. After making Genkos vomit copiously whilst thinking about ‘Kos Sim, of course.

Finding a bench to people watch, Genkos called over Quinn Reynolds with whom he had a fairly long conversation about her family, the situation with Ghant, the return to the Skarbek, pets; his relationship with her AU self, Erin Reynolds; and the vagaries of command, as well as briefly, Over There. Then, to break the tension, he asked her what superpower she would have, and why; Genkos chose the ability to fly and Quinn agreed. Taking another walk through the frozen tundra with Toto, he decided to call in on Corliss and the three of them went for a pleasant stroll, talking about the morale of the crew.

Back on the Gorkon, and in Sickbay with Loxley, Genkos was present for the arrival of Andorian daredevil, Oshrav th’Uhnian, who had foolished careened into a rock during the biathlon. His injuries were severe, but Genkos and Loxley fixed him up swiftly and with great care before retiring to Genkos’ office, where Genkos blindsided him about the Ensign’s feelings for Fortune. Genkos’ advice was to go for it; and he feels like he has a vested interest in the couple ever since.

Back in his quarters, Genkos had a discussion with his old mentor, Doctor Faa, over subspace. He was seeking reassurance about his abilities as a doctor, something the Vulcan was not terribly forthcoming with.

Not feeling quite up to it, but knowing he’d feel bad if he didn’t go, Genkos approached Caedan’s party with trepidation. He opened with a chat about the birthday boy with James Colquhoun, which was eventually joined by Tali Namura’s brand of wit and Ayiana Sevo. James excused himself to get another drink, whilst the two women went so Ayiana could confess her attraction to Caedan, leaving Genkos alone to surprise Corliss, Loxley and Jhyrazhao who had hurried into the clinic to warm up the underdressed counsellor. This then lead to a lot of energetic dancing with the Aenar diplomat.

The next day, Corliss dropped by the Sickbay for a sensible check-up, and Genkos did the introductory medical examination for the newest member of the crew, Mikeja Lan.

Mission - Serpent Heart, Flowering Face (239702.29 - 239704.27)

After a briefing in the Conference Room, Genkos took a shuttle down to the polar research station on Væron with Cory Stoyer, Piravao sh'Qynallahr and Eloise Moran. There they met Caldor, the portly Romulan scientist who was in charge of the station who explained that the wildlife they were studying was demonstrating huge increases in aggressive behaviour. He showed them a cage of marill mice, a normally peaceful species, who were ripping each other to shreds, the survivor feasting on the remains. As they explored the base further, they came across a giant window that gazed under the sea, where they were first examined by, and then attacked by, a large three-eyed fish that radiated hatred. After its initial attack against the glass, the dugong-like creature swam away and they continued downwards. Arriving in an observation chamber, they were able to rescue a scientist under attack from a couple of kukek beasts, and had her beamed up to the Gorkon, but not before she beamed an image into Eloise's mind. During the rescue, Cory was somewhat insubordinate to Genkos' orders, mistaking his actions and then attacking him for them. Genkos took him aside once they were safe and had a word, and then they also took a sample of waste matter and kukek corpse, and had those beamed up for study. Following the scientist's image, they made their way to the submarine bay, opening the moon pool and preparing a submersible. Caldor appeared in a distressed state, and was devoured by the fish. Shaken, but unhurt, the team descended to the bottom of the sea, discovering a bubble of air and a distress signal. Inside was the beacon that the scientist had shown to Eloise, and the culprit responsible for the deranged animals. At such a distance however, it was more potent, and Genkos' father's mental manipulations caused Genkos to fall under its spell, and he went loco, attacking his team with a ferocious range of blows. Mercifully, Piravao managed to suppress the beacon's effects, and Genkos returned to normal. They also found the distress signal, the remains of a submarine containing the corpse of a Romulan scientist, the components of which the cannibalised to create a bomb powerful enough to destroy the beacon. They returned to the submarine and got out of range before beaming up to the Gorkon.

Shore Leave - Væron (239704.27 to 239707.11)

One of the first things that Genkos did after returning to the ship was to have a friendly catch up with Loxley, with whom he discussed the hybrid's new relationship with Corliss, and sought reassurance after the events on Væron. They were soon joined by Caitríona Cayne, newly returned to the ship after a LOA. After dismissing them both, he had a brief interaction with Toran Sevo who required advice on his new pet, an Klingon grishnar. Genkos suggested he spoke to Siassu Flak, the Gorkon's veterinarian. He had a therapy session with Corliss during a session of Tassa'Akai in the gym. Genkos met with Joshua Sutton in Sto'Vo'Kor, a cadet he had trained back on Starbase 118. Not long afterwards, he worked with Arlo Thornton on a research project, trying to discover the exact nature of the aliens they'd met with on the previous mission. He then travelled down to Nahdra beach, where he sat in the sun with Jo Marshall and Theo Whittaker. Returning to the ship, he bumped into the newly demoted Cory Stoyer, who brushed him off immediately, as he blamed Genkos erroneously for his recent loss of rank. He then sat in on the autopsy of the kukek with Siassu Flak, before having an evening meal with his mother and Rumi, where they dropped the bombshell that they were leaving the Gorkon to live together. He carried out Pholin Duyzer's checkup on his arrival to the ship, before later bumping into Pholin and his husband in the Arboretum with Toto. Then, he attended the end of shore leave party back on Nahdra beach, hanging with practically the entire crew at various points during the evening.

Mission - Brantax System (239707.11 - 239707.21)

Genkos was only briefly present at the Truneo Asteroid dinosaur park before he was recalled to the Gorkon for reassignment to the Resolution.