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USS Gorkon
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Genkos Adea
Position Chief Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
DOB 236906.24
Age 31
Birthplace Betazed
Writer ID G239502GS0
Awards & Service Ribbons
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Orion Syndicate Service Medal
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Purple Heart
Explorer's Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon

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Genkos with his sword cane


A label made by Jo Marshall after the Sikuna mission


A badge from the Skarbek mission


Genkos' badge for winning the December 2395 Quote of the Month competition

Publicity Team
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Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
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Player Achievements
It's all in the details
A face for the name
Data hound
Detail oriented
News Hound
Two heads are better than one
Helping hand
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These things happen
It's part of the job
Press F to Honor
Look who's talking

Starfleet Medical.png

Genkos Adea

  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Blood Type:
  • T/E Rating: T4


  • Chronic Illnesses: None
  • Medications: None
  • Allergies and Reactions: None
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: N/A


  • 2374: Tarkalean flu


  • SD 2389511.12: Leg Amputation/Replacement
  • SD 239603.26: Extensive Surgery to fix shattered shoulder, fractured humerus cranial bleeding, and to remove bone shards from lungs.


Some therapy taken after loss of left calf


  • Alcohol: Moderate drinker
  • Recreation Drugs: N/A
  • Other: N/A


  • Parent 1 (Mother): Nothing to report
  • Parent 2 (Father): Nothing to report
  • Siblings:


  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Occupation/Assignment: Starfleet Medical Officer
  • Diet: Mostly Vegetarian, Occasional Carnivore
  • Exercise: Regular Physiotherapy sessions


  • SD239612.02:
    • Attending Physician Genkos Adea, CMO
    • Location: USS Gorkon
    • Notes: Patient was complaining of headaches due to uncontrollable telepathy, neuroblockers prescribed to help stem influx of thoughts.


  • 239601.24
    • Condition: Uncertain
    • Counsellor Notes: Dr. Genkos Sim came in, uncertain on what he would like to speak about. It came out rather fast, all at once. Genkos' father murdered his first wife, and then bound Genkos' natural telepathy. After the 'shared dream' incident (see any and all notes), his telepathy has came back in full force. With the help of another Ensign, he has been able to rebuild his mental wall up. Revelations about his father, as well as hearing other people's voices other than his own, has 'gotten to him' greatly, and as such, he has come to talk it over. He slowly arrived to the conclusion that he is unable to fully coincide the two sides of his father, but is feeling much better after speaking it aloud.
    • Proposed Action Plan: More practice with Ensign Baina to build, strengthen, and in time lower the mental barrier he now has. Acknowledge the negative feelings he now has towards his father, his once hero.
    • Counsellor Thoughts: It's always a shock to one's self when someone we build up in our mind ends up being the exact opposite. Genkos seems to be feeling exactly the way one feels when this happens: betrayal, anguish, even despondent. However, it's even greater, as the person was his father and not a stranger or some popular icon he idolized, not to say those are any lesser in a way. Genkos is going to have a hard time still, as he still has the emotional rollercoaster to still roll through. However, I'm very happy to hear he has someone helping him with his mental wall. It's not easy learning by yourself, or the sudden rush of everyone's voices at once. I'll check in on him in a few weeks, see how the practice is going, and things are going with himself and of course, with his mother.
  • 239604.03
    • Condition: Follow Up, Name Change
    • Counsellor Notes': Genkos arrived carrying a puppy. A...very...cute puppy. See attached photo of said puppy drooling on tiny cushion. Genkos arrived with various reasons, most of which boiled down to three main ones: the last mission, the dog, and his name. Genkos has acquired a small puppy, named Toto, back on the ship. We spoke about how he grew up with a veterinarian as a father and how that may be part of his bond with animals, to which he immediately had a harsh tone towards said man.

Toto, meanwhile, continued to sleep on.

We moved on to his new name change, as Genkos Adea. He stated that the idea came from his mother, who has since reverted back to her maiden name, see notes. He seemed pleased with his choice, and I could see the relief in his face. I asked about his mother and he easily diverted away from her.

From there, he talked about how it was to remind everyone about his new name, changing reports and updating everything.

He spoke about the last mission, seemed amused when I spoke about crabs, and then we diverted to how he was dealing with his meditation with Ensign Baina. He admitted that they have been very useful but he has started to develop feelings for her. He had an 'encounter' in which he has realized he has started to feel physical loneliness, not uncommon in crew members onboard a ship for years. As Ensign Baina is not a professional in a sense, she does not have an issue with breaking a line with a patient, however, I have gently suggested that if it seems neither are able to concentrate, perhaps it may be time for Genkos to try and meditate on his own and see how far he's come.

He asked me personally how I managed my own abilities. I confessed that it was just how I was raised back home. He then discussed interest in starting a mindfulness/meditation group, something definitely that should be brought up to the Admiral.

After that, he got up, taking Toto along with him and we broke for lunch.

    • Proposed Action Plan: If need be, come back for another session. Continue meditation as planned, either with Ensign Baina or to start the group as he'd like.
    • Counselor Thoughts': A meditation group! How intriguing! I must say, I never thought of that! I'm very impressed with how Genkos is coming along. I do think Toto is a good thing for him as well, animals have often shown to increase one's quality of life. I'm very eager to see how things go along.

He's also pleased with his name change, which I must say, suits him a tad better than Sim, in a manner. Dr. Adea. Hm. Anywho, he's offered to let me walk the puppy around, quite a thrilling experience! I've heard he's offered to several others as well, which could definitely be a positive thing for crew morale.