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{{Award Tile|Ensign|Ferier Lanta|Gorkon|2018}}
{{Award Tile|Ensign|Ferier Lanta|Gorkon|2018}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant JG|Dave Young|Constitution|2018}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant JG|Dave Young|Constitution|2018}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant|Prudence Blackwell|Constitution|2017}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant JG|Arturo Maxwell|StarBase 118 Ops|2017}}
{{Hall of Honor Table}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant JG|Hunter Stelin|Duronis II Embassy|2017}}
{{Recipient|2018|Lieutenant|Krindo Pandorn|Z239308KP0|Andaris Task Force}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant JG|Femi Cattan|Za|2017}}
{{Recipient|2018|Marine Captain|Amuro McKnight|D239302AM0|Atlantis}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant| Isabel Pond|Andaris Task Force|2017}}
{{Recipient|2018|Lieutenant JG|Dave Young|C239411DY0|Constitution}}
{{Award Tile|Ensign|Rosalee|Invicta|2016}}
{{Recipient|2018|Ensign|Alexander Brodie|A239005BM0|Duronis II Embassy}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant|Cory Stoyer|Gorkon|2016}}
{{Recipient|2018|Ensign|Ferier Lanta|G239501FL0|Gorkon}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant|Brandon Craig|Doyle|2016}}
{{Recipient|2017|Lieutenant|Isabel Pond|D239212IP0|Andaris Task Force}}
{{Award Tile|Lieutenant|Graeme Cook|Darwin-A|2016}}
{{Recipient|2017|Lieutenant JG|Prudence Blackwell|G239308PB0|Constitution-B}}
{{Award Tile|Ensign|Chelin Ch'Gabor|Constitution|2016}}
{{Recipient|2017|Lieutenant JG|Hunter Stelin|E239310HS0|Embassy of Duronis II}}
{{Award Tile|Ensign|T'Leira|Duronis II Embassy|2016}}
{{Recipient|2017|Lieutenant JG|Arturo Maxwell|O239311AM0|Starbase 118 Ops}}
{{Recipient|2017|Lieutenant JG|Femi Cattan|Z239308FC0|Za}}
{{Recipient|2016|Ensign|Chelin Ch'Gabor|C239212CC0|Constitution}}
{{Recipient|2016|Lieutenant|Graeme Cook|D239206GC0|Darwin-A}}
{{Recipient|2016|Lieutenant|Brandon Craig|D239207BC0|Doyle}}
{{Recipient|2016|Ensign|T'Leira|E239304T10|Duronis II Embassy}}
{{Recipient|2016|Lieutenant|Cory Stoyer|C239111CS0|Gorkon}}
{{Recipient|2015|Lieutenant JG|Mirra Ezo|C239205ME0|Apollo}}
{{Recipient|2015|Lieutenant JG|Jerome Milsap|C239208JM0|Constitution}}
{{Recipient|2015|Lieutenant JG|Kurt Logan|E239203KL0|Darwin}}
{{Recipient|2015|Lieutenant JG|Diego Beyett|C239112DB0|Duronis II Embassy}}
{{Recipient|2015|Lieutenant JG|Lael Rosek|I238110RH0|Gorkon}}
{{Recipient|2014|Ensign|Nathaniel Wilmer|E239107NW0|Apollo}}
{{Recipient|2014|Lieutenant|Gwen Gardener||Atlantis}}
{{Recipient|2014|Lieutenant|Ian Connory||Columbia}}
{{Recipient|2014|Lt. Commander|Alexander Williams||Constitution}}
{{Recipient|2014|Lt. Commander|Boris Hendon|W237809SP0|Duronis II Embassy}}
{{Recipient|2014|Lieutenant JG|Trel'lis|T238907T10|Garuda}}
{{Recipient|2014|Lieutenant JG|Samuel Braddock|T239012SB0|Gemini}}
{{Recipient|2014|Lieutenant JG|Ayiana Sevo|V239109AS0|Victory}}
{{Recipient|2013|Lt. Commander|Ben Edwards|A238806K10|Apollo}}
{{Recipient|2013|Lieutenant JG|Sirok||Discovery}}
{{Recipient|2013|Lieutenant|Nugra|V238008N10|Duronis II Embassy}}
{{Recipient|2013|Lieutenant JG|Chythar Skyfire|O239002CS0|Excalibur}}
{{Recipient|2013|Lieutenant|Kendall Washburn||StarBase 118 Ops}}
{{Recipient|2013|Lieutenant|Brayden Jorey||Tiger-A}}
{{Recipient|2013|Lieutenant JG|Richard Matthews|A238908RM0|Vigilant}}
{{Recipient|2012|Lieutenant|Sidney Pierce||Apollo}}
{{Recipient|2012|Ensign|Rostan Frye||Discovery-C}}
{{Recipient|2012|Lieutenant JG|Dantin-Vex||Drake}}
{{Recipient|2012|Lieutenant|William Tindall||Duronis II Embassy}}
{{Recipient|2012|Lieutenant|Isaac Bale||Mercury}}
{{Recipient|2012|Lieutenant JG|Vitor Silveira||StarBase 118 Ops}}
{{Recipient|2012|Lieutenant JG|T'Mihn Ah'mihghan|T238902TA0|Tiger-A}}
{{Recipient|2011|Ensign|Avar Luna||Drake}}
{{Recipient|2011|Civilian|Tess Tindall||Duronis II Embassy}}
{{Recipient|2011|Lieutenant JG|James Torken||Mercury}}
{{Recipient|2011|Lieutenant JG|Brek|O238809B10|StarBase 118 Ops}}
{{Recipient|2011|Lieutenant JG|Zinna|I238808Z10|Tiger-A}}
{{Recipients End}}
{{Recipients End}}
{{Awards - General}}
{{Awards - General}}
[[Category:General awards]]
[[Category:General awards]]

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Genesis Award
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg
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Type: general award
Award Level: ship

The Genesis Award (also known as The Most Improved Simmer Award) is a general award and is awarded to those officers who show conspicuous effort in improving their simming skills.


Krindo Pandorn
Andaris Task Force

Amuro McKnight
Marine Captain

Alexander Brodie.png
Alexander Brodie
Duronis II Embassy

Ferier Lanta

Dave Young
Lieutenant JG

Year Rank Name Writer ID Ship
2018 Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn Z239308KP0 Andaris Task Force
2018 Marine Captain Amuro McKnight D239302AM0 Atlantis
2018 Lieutenant JG Dave Young C239411DY0 Constitution
2018 Ensign Alexander Brodie A239005BM0 Duronis II Embassy
2018 Ensign Ferier Lanta G239501FL0 Gorkon
2017 Lieutenant Isabel Pond D239212IP0 Andaris Task Force
2017 Lieutenant JG Prudence Blackwell G239308PB0 Constitution-B
2017 Lieutenant JG Hunter Stelin E239310HS0 Embassy of Duronis II
2017 Lieutenant JG Arturo Maxwell O239311AM0 Starbase 118 Ops
2017 Lieutenant JG Femi Cattan Z239308FC0 Za
2016 Ensign Chelin Ch'Gabor C239212CC0 Constitution
2016 Lieutenant Graeme Cook D239206GC0 Darwin-A
2016 Lieutenant Brandon Craig D239207BC0 Doyle
2016 Ensign T'Leira E239304T10 Duronis II Embassy
2016 Lieutenant Cory Stoyer C239111CS0 Gorkon
2016 Ensign Rosalee A239301R10 Invicta
2015 Lieutenant JG Mirra Ezo C239205ME0 Apollo
2015 Lieutenant JG Jerome Milsap C239208JM0 Constitution
2015 Lieutenant JG Kurt Logan E239203KL0 Darwin
2015 Lieutenant JG Diego Beyett C239112DB0 Duronis II Embassy
2015 Lieutenant JG Lael Rosek I238110RH0 Gorkon
2014 Ensign Nathaniel Wilmer E239107NW0 Apollo
2014 Lieutenant Gwen Gardener Atlantis
2014 Lieutenant Ian Connory Columbia
2014 Lt. Commander Alexander Williams Constitution
2014 Lt. Commander Boris Hendon W237809SP0 Duronis II Embassy
2014 Lieutenant JG Trel'lis T238907T10 Garuda
2014 Lieutenant JG Samuel Braddock T239012SB0 Gemini
2014 Lieutenant JG Ayiana Sevo V239109AS0 Victory
2013 Lt. Commander Ben Edwards A238806K10 Apollo
2013 Lieutenant JG Sirok Discovery
2013 Lieutenant Nugra V238008N10 Duronis II Embassy
2013 Lieutenant JG Chythar Skyfire O239002CS0 Excalibur
2013 Lieutenant Mei'konda M239002M10 Mercury
2013 Lieutenant Kendall Washburn StarBase 118 Ops
2013 Lieutenant Brayden Jorey Tiger-A
2013 Lieutenant JG Richard Matthews A238908RM0 Vigilant
2012 Lieutenant Sidney Pierce Apollo
2012 Ensign Rostan Frye Discovery-C
2012 Lieutenant JG Dantin-Vex Drake
2012 Lieutenant William Tindall Duronis II Embassy
2012 Lieutenant Isaac Bale Mercury
2012 Lieutenant JG Vitor Silveira StarBase 118 Ops
2012 Lieutenant JG T'Mihn Ah'mihghan T238902TA0 Tiger-A
2011 Ensign Avar Luna Drake
2011 Civilian Tess Tindall Duronis II Embassy
2011 Lieutenant JG James Torken Mercury
2011 Lieutenant JG Brek O238809B10 StarBase 118 Ops
2011 Lieutenant JG Zinna I238808Z10 Tiger-A


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TOSMA Genesis Award Scotty Cross Neelix Award Nebula Bar
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
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Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
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Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
Awards General RussBar 2011.jpg
Pathfinder Award Khan Award Q Award
Awards General Pathfinder 2015.png
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