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Gell Kimov

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Gell Kimov is a Ferengi tactician assigned to the USS Mercury as an intelligence officer.

Biographic Information

  • Full Name: Gell Kimov
  • Species: Ferengi
  • Date of Birth: 236410.23
    • Age: 36
  • Gender: Male

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Ensign 239008.06 - present USS Mercury
Intelligence Officer


  • Height: 1.2 meters or 3 feet and 11 ¼ inches
  • Hair: None
  • Eye Colour: Brown

Personality and History


  • Parents:
    • Father: Ridon – Formerly DaiMon of the Ferengi Marauder Expand or Die
    • Mother: Monova (Moogie)
  • Siblings:
    • Sister: Velder (younger)
  • Extended Family:
    • Uncle: Scogg – member of the Board of Liquidators of the Ferengi Commerce Authority, Financial Adviser to Grand Nagus.
Chronological History

Born Stardate 236410.23 on Ferenginar. Father was DaiMon of Ferengi Alliance ship “Expand or Die”. Ship was destroyed while enforcing the Grand Negas’s contracts with the Romulan Empire. All Kimov assets went to Scogg Kimov until Gell was of age. At ten years of age Gell became apprentice to Uncle Scogg. Recognizing that Gell was like his father, no lobes for business, Sogg sent Gell to one of his trading ships to learn command. Rotating from station to station, favoring tactical, DaiMon Legress sold the Tactical apprenticeship of the Scogg #3 to Gell, financed by Uncle Scogg. On Stardate 237603.15 the Scogg #3 was attacked by pirates of various species. The Tactical officer was killed and Gell assumed the position, holding off the pirates until DaiMon Legress could plot an escape route. Became official Tactical Officer of the Scogg #3 on Stardate 237603.17 and served until 238301.06. With recommendations from DaiMon Legress, Uncle Sogg and Grand Negas, Gell kimov was accepted into the Star Fleet Academy. At the Academy Kimov Majored in Tactical and minored in Comms/Ops.

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