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Garcetti, Margaret

Crew of Deep Space 26

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Vice Admiral Margaret Garcetti

Vice Admiral Margaret Elizabeth Garcetti is the Chief of Sector Intelligence. She also is the Commander of Task Force 124. Margaret is known fleet wide as a ball buster. She has little time for pleasantries and would rather keep it all business. She started he career in Starfleet as Counter Agent in the Romulan Star Empire. After six years of deep cover work on the Romulan homeworld, Margaret was transferred to the Black Tower at SB118. She stayed there for three years as the Deputy Intel Officer for the Neutral Zone. She made the rank of Lt. Commander and was sent to the Klingon homeworld as Intel Aide for the Embassy. After five years at the Embassy and now holding the rank of Commander, the Dominion War started.

Commander Garcetti was transferred to the USS Broken Arrow, Galaxy Class. She served as the ship's First Officer for two years. When Captain Gary Naltons was killed in a shuttle crash, Garcetti was promoted to Captain and given command of the Broken Arrow. She was the Captain for six years. In that six years she was promoted to Rear Admiral Lower Half and was the Task Group 12 Bravo Commander.

After being given the "second star," Rear Admiral Garcetti went back the Starbase 118 Black Tower, now as Deputy Director Starfleet Intelligence, lasting a short one year before the Par'tha Expanse opened and she transferred to Deep Space 26 and took over as Chief of Sector Intel.

Margaret now holds the Rank of Vice Admiral.