Galvin Prox

Lieutenant Junior Grade Galvin Prox is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Tiger under the Command of Sidney Riley.

Dr. Galvin Prox, Chief Medical Officer U.S.S. Tiger


  • Full Name: Galvin Prox
  • Date of Birth:
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Place of Birth: Lake Cataria, Betazed
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Telepathic Status: T4


  • Mother: Nadia Prox - Nadia Prox is a Starfleet medical officer on stationed on Betazed.
  • Father: Sabin Prox - Sabin Prox is a musician and Professor of exomusicology at the University of Betazed. He is particularly accomplished at playing the Trill piano as well as a well known composer.
  • Siblings: Brother, Stadi Prox. Stadi was presumed killed during the Dominion occupation of Betazed, resisting a fleet of Jem'Hadar footmen. However on stardate 238406.17 Prox discovered that Stadi was infact still alive when his presumed dead brother was involved in a brawl with a Cardassian on Deep Space 17. During an argument Stadi attempted to attack the Cardassian with a knife, but he had gotten shot with a phaser before he could inflict any wounds. Galvin was on the promenade during the incident, and beamed his brother to the Triumphant's sickbay. After several days of intensive care, Galvin made the order to revive Stadi. However, Stadi then became worse and Galvin realized that he did not have the facilities to take care of his brother. Galvin, to his reluctance, arranged for the Gibraltar to take Stadi back to Deep Space 17.

Stadi is now a science officer on board the Ronin.

  • Children: Tabitha, adopted daughter. Galvin found Tabitha aboard the USS Yellowknife during an away mission to repair the ship. Her father, Paul Harbour, was in league with a group of vigilantes. He had planted an explosive device in her body, and attempted to detonate the device near the warp core. After the Yellowknife, Galvin brought Tabitha back, and eventually Galvin formally adopted her as his own daughter.


  • Lt.Jg. Tildean Ethelwin: Since Tildaen came aboard the Triumphant, his and Galvin's relationship has grown tremendously. The friendship started off pretty rough due to Tildaens awkward nervousness, but after the two were captured and taken hostage on an away mission to Musca Ommicron IIIa the two have become much closer. The two were eventually split up when the Triumphant was decommissioned. Galvin was sent to the Ursa Major and Tildaen was sent to the Independence-A.
  • Lt. Stephen Carmody: When Galvin first came aboard the Ursa Major, Lt. Stephen Carmody, the ships Chief Science Officer, was in sickbay recovering from injuries received on a previous away mission. After the CSO was released, Galvin met with him in the ship's arboretum ingniting a conversation that would lead to a great friendship.

Personal History

Prox was born on Betazed to his mother and father Nadia and Sabin Prox. His long time and current childhood friend is Dr. Mauria Tripoli. The two grew up on Betazed together where their favorite activity was to take a swim in Lake Cartaria. The two eventually enrolled in Starfleet together, both having ambitions of becoming Doctors or Science Officers. After graduating form Starfleet Medical, the two were eventually separated after graduation from the Academy because Prox was posted to the Triumphant and Mauria was posted to Deep Space 17.

Throughout his schooling, his ego grew more and more. He began to think of himself as very intelligent and superior to his peers. This character flaw that he had developed eventually came back to haunt him when he realized that his ego had hurt the feelings of one of his colleagues Dr. Talon Lee. It was soon after that experience that he began to reevaluate his motives and began to treat those around him with much more respect and integrity.

Interests and Hobbies

The following is a list of Prox's favorite things to do.


Prox has been known to listen to music in sickbay when nobody is around. Lt.Jg. Kassa Quay once walked into sickbay and startled Dr. Prox while he was listening to some Trill piano, an instrument that his father was proficient in.


Prox loves to eat, but hates to eat alone.

  • Raixen - A spaghetti-like dish native to Betazed. This Prox's favorite dish.
  • Uttaberries - A red berry that Prox enjoys to munch on.
  • Swix - Swix are purplish berries native to Betazed. Like many other Betazoids, Prox is allergic to swix.

Medical Record

Medical History

  • During an away mission on the Triumphant, Galvin was taken hostage by a group of vigilante thugs. While in captivity, Galvin received minor cuts and bruise all over his body.

Physiological Profile

Psychological Profile

Telepathic Status

  • Most Betazoids have the ability to actively tune out the thoughts of others. However, Galvin Prox was born with a very rare condition in which he cannot control what he hears or sees. Although he can control when he wants to hear/see something, he does not have control over hearing the thoughts of others at will. Prox is often alienated because others feel that he is invading their privacy when he does not mean too.

Professional History

  • 238403.14 Graduated from Starfleet Academy. Assigned to the U.S.S. Triumphant as Medical Officer, but soon took on the role of Acting Cheif Medical Officer.
  • 238403.14 - 238404.12 Helped the crew of the Triumphant to return from a future timeline.
  • 238405.31 - Captured along with Tildaen Ethelwin by a group of vigilante thugs during an away mission to Musca Omicron IIIa. Prox was apparently a Starfleet officer on the thugs' "list." Galvin and Tildaen's attempts at escape were foiled, but they were later rescued by Lt. Atimen and Ensign Kagen.
  • 238406.15 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Chief Medical officer.
  • 238409.02 - Trasfered to the U.S.S. Ursa Major as a Medical Officer.
  • 238412.04 - After a short leave of abscence Galvin returned to the Ursa Major

Qualifications and Specialties

  • Ph.D. General Medicine, Surgery, and Emergency Triage
  • Ph.D. Xenobiology
    • Specializing in Humanoid Physiology
      • Emphasis on Telepathic Species
  • Certificate in General Counseling
  • Also is skilled in marine species. This more of an interest than an actual practice.

Current/Previous Assignments

Rank at Time Assignment Post Held
  Cadet Starfleet Academy Cadet - 237803.04 to 238203.14
  Ensign Starfleet Medical Intern - 238203.04 to 238403.14
  Ensign USS Triumphant Acting Chief Medical Officer - 238403.14 to 238406.15

  Lieutenant JG USS Triumphant Chief Medical Officer - 238406.15 to 238409.02
  Lieutenant JG USS Ursa Major Assistant Chief Medical Officer - 238409.02 to 238505.05
  Lieutenant JG USS Tiger Chief Medical Officer 238505.05 to present


Awards and Commendations

  • B-Plot Award (2007)
    • "For those SIMmers who manage to show a good portion of the character's life despite the demands of the main plot"