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Galvac Fraom

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West’s Vorate PNPC:

Sub Minister Galvac Fraom, Chief Minister House of Commons

Name: Galvac Fraom Rank: Sub Minister Position: Chief Minister, House of Commons Species: Vorate Gender: Male Age: 91 Earth Years Old Telepathy: T5/E2


Height: 6’7 Weight: 230lbs Eyes:Cat like, Steel Blue Hair: White with black tips Skin: Soft Pale Blue,

Personal History:

Galvac was Born on the Capitol Station, was a born leader from early on. Serving with the Military as a Political Officer Galvac gained power and friends quickly. He became a Deputy Minister of State under The Legacy Hal’Vater. Now a Sub Minister and nominated for Prime Minister.

Galvac is very cunning and is not to be trusted. He has a cool and calm diplomatic personality, but will stab you in the back in a second if you stand in the way of his goals and him gathering more power.

He has very little interest in that of his people, Galvac want to find a world and then start fanning out and spreading his control onto other new worlds.

Galvac has a lot of Espionage Officers that are loyal to him and work for him. He has secret visions of overthrowing the Government and using all his friends in the Military to keep control..