Galen, William

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William Galen

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Species: Unsure!! Has human physiology but his DNA is not on record.

Physical Description: Average build, perhaps a little under weight. Dark brown, perfectly cut hair. A shade under 6 foot tall.

Mental state: Spent most of his life at the Adelman Neurological Institute and treated by Toby Russell, until she gave up and concentrated on being a neurogeneticist. Diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at an early age. This leaves William both clumsy and an over zealous interest in Targs, and at times, quite eccentric. Later in life, William also developed OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Things have to be straight and aligned. His quarters and indeed himself, must be clinically clean. William carries with him at all times an astro compass as he can only eat when facing Earth. For this reason, he tends to eat alone in his quarters where he has a small circular table so he can shift his position in relation to home. He will however eat with others as long as they understand why he is sat a bizarre angle to the table.

William has a powerful, analytical mind and will find a solution to any problem. It is rumoured that he once cracked Fermat's last theorem. This has never been proven as he rarly talks about himself.

Family: Never had one he can remember. William was raised in the Adelman Institute. William was named after Richard Galen because of his unusual DNA and the professor’s research into the Preservers.

Spouse: Was married to his therapist. A pretty girl from the institute called Hannah Byron. It was a short-lived affair as she faked her own death on their wedding night.

Bio: William was raised in the Adelman Neurological Institute since the age of 3. He was taken there, probably by his parents, for reasons unknown, but never returned to pick him up. All efforts to find his parents have failed, even the CCTV footage of them dropping him off at the institue has been mysteriously errased.

William Galen is a true child of the Federation, it is the only family he has ever known! His only school was the Daystrom Institute and naturally joined the Federation Academy from there.