Gaev's Gambit (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Before 2390
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The Til'ahn Gambit
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Political instability on Duronis II cuts the the Thunder's shore leave on Ba'Ku short when the Laudean Prime Minister is abducted. Captain Turner, Ambassador Vetri, and Lt. Commander T'Lea are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and taken as well. The Crew of the USS Thunder must now find the Prime Minister, rescue their Captain and crew, and uncover who was behind it all.

Important Characters

Gaev, Balvido: Laudean criminal with a lengthy wrapsheet.

Plot Summary

Prime Minister Daysa, Captain Turner, Ambassador Vetri, and Lt. Commander are abducted during the Thunder's shore leave on Ba'Ku by a Laudean crew on a Romulan ship. The USS Thunder-A, under the command of Lt. Commander Parker, gives chase through the Briar patch and eventually finds the vessel. It has been abandoned with the self-destruct sequence running. The Prime Minister and others are not aboard the ship. Intelligence discovers that the Laudean criminal, Gaev, seems to have been behind the abductions and that the Captain and other captured Thunder crew are being sold on the black market.

Lt. Commander Parker decided to take the Thunder to stage a rescue mission of the Thunder's missing crew and sends Captain Frazier and a small crew aboard the Shadow to head back to Duronis to try to find the Prime Minister, diffuse the growing hostile political climate, and find out who Gaev is working for and pulling the strings. After some diplomatic bullying, Colonel Waltas secured a Ferengi vessel that Hannibal and Kamela could use to head to the location where the crew was being auctioned off - 'The Zone'. Meanwhile, Captain Frazier took a team on the Shadow to head back to Duronis to try and find the Prime Minister, uncover who Gaev was working for, and help secure the Federation's Embassy on Duronis II.

Hannibal entered a bidding but was interrupted by a brawl which they used as cover to free the three women and escape. When mess started Thunder moved in and fired an EMP pulse immobilizing the pirates. Beaming crew back aboard Thunder returned to Duronis II without LtCmdr. T'Lea but sure to follow any lead and save her.

Team lead by Captain Frazier tried to use press to stop rumors and and restore peace till Daisa will be found. With help from Daysa's wife Britta, things in Lokesh stabilized and Embassy was not in direct danger any more.Vail Daysa soon returned offering no explanations.