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USS Tiger-A (NCC-52199-A)
Lieutenant (J.G) Gabriel Warwick, M.D.

Personal Details
  • Birth Name: Gabriel Ciarán Warwick
  • Callsign: 'Archangel'
  • DoB: 235906.19 (Age: 41)
  • Birthplace: Dún Laoghaire, Earth, Alpha Quadrant
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6’ 0” / 182cm
  • Weight: 214 lbs. / 97kg
  • Eye Colour: Light Green
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Distinguishing Features: N/A
  • Telepathic Rating: N/A

Service Details
  • Allegiance: United Federation Of Planets
  • Branch: Starfleet
  • Years Of Service: 2389 - Present
  • Service No.: FM-187-665
  • Rank: DS9style-ltjg teal.png Lieutenant (J.G.)
  • Ship: USS Tiger-A (NCC-52199-A)
  • Current Assignment: Medical Officer

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Lieutenant (J.G.) Gabriel Warwick, M.D., a Human, is a Starfleet officer currently serving as a Medical Officer aboard the USS Tiger-A.

<< Early Life & Education >>

<< Starfleet Academy >>

<< Starfleet Career >>

Starfleet Marine Corps.

Gabriel recieved his commision into active service as a Second Lieutenant in the Starfleet Marine Corps (SFMC) and began an intensive six month orientation program on leadership and familiarization within the SFMC as well as physical training and combat drills. Following this he was deployed with the 2nd Medical Battalion, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Thyvan K'Rass, and assigned to the 13th Combat Logistics Regiment of the SFMC.

His work with the marines was varied and included deployments supporting combat and peacekeeping operations, disaster and emergency relief efforts and inoculation programs. The battalion also provided assistance in search and rescue operations as well as basic medical training for the marine forces and medical care for both Starfleet and civilian personnel. Upon completion of of his extended tour of duty, Gabriel was reassigned to his first fleet position aboard the USS Tiger-A, a Promethus class heavy cruiser operating in the Ithassa Region of the Alpha Quadrant and under the command of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley.

Arrival In The Ithassa Region

Gabriel arrived on Deep Space Seventeen during, unknown to him, an infiltration mission by an alliance of races known as The Commonwealth. Their operatives had already assumed the identities of several senior officers including Lieutenant Commander Ian West, Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair and Ensign Sam Braddock and abducted and replaced Warwick to prevent discovery.

<< Personal Notes >>

<< Family >>

<< Relationships & Persons Of Note >>

<< Education & Service Summary >>

Education History
Institution Dates Accreditation/Position Subject/Area Of Study
Caledonia College Of Medicine 237709.14 - 238105.31 Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery
General Medicine

Civilian Employment History
Institution Dates Grade Specialization
Lady Nightingale Teaching Hospital 238106.01 - 238305.31 Foundation Doctor General Medicine
Lady Nightingale Teaching Hospital 238306.01 - 238411.31 Specialist Registrar Pathology

Starfleet Career History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet1 teal.png Cadet, 4th Class 238412.01 - 238511.30 Starfleet Medical Post-Graduate Medical Student
Specialization: Emergency Medicine
DS9style-cadet2 teal.png Cadet, 3rd Class 238512.01 - 238611.30
DS9style-cadet3 teal.png Cadet, 2nd Class 238612.01 - 238711.30
DS9style-cadet4 teal.png Cadet, 1st Class 238712.01 - 238805.31
DS9style-cadet4 teal.png 238806.01 - 238812.31 USS Fleming-MV Cadet Cruise
DS9style-2lt green.png Second Lieutenant 238901.01 - 238906.30 SFMC Basic School SFMC Officer Trainee
DS9style-2lt green.png Second Lieutenant 238907.14 - 239102.01 2nd Medical Battalion Medical Officer
DS9style-ltjg teal.png Lieutenant, Junior Grade 239102.02 - Present USS Tiger-A Medical Officer

<< Awards >>

See also List of Awards and Service Ribbons.

<< Mission Logs >>

USS Tiger-A

'The Anomaly'
(Mission Commencement: 239102.01 (Mid-Mission Deployment Deep Space Seventeen) - Present Day)

<< Sims >>

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CO: Flt Cpt Sidney Riley   ·   XO: Lt Cmdr Darius Clack
   MSp: Lt Cmdr Ian Lane West
CE:Lt Cmdr Alex Blair  ·  EO: Ens Francis Logan  
EO: Ens Rocko Stevens  
CTO: Lt Brayden Jorey  ·  TO: Ens Samuel Braddock   
CoS: Lt Brayden Jorey   ·   ACoS: Lt JG Chloe Mannin   
Sec: Lt Francis DeMarc
CSO: Lt T'Mihn Ah'mygahn  ·  Sci: Ens Bowrapiquis Jetseen   MO: LtCmdr T'Pen  ·  MO: Lt JG Gabriel Warwick   
Coun: Lt JG Zinna  
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