Gabriel Evanston

Gabriel Evanston is the executive officer of the USS Mercury.

USS Mercury
Gabriel Evanston.jpg
Gabriel Evanston
Position Executive Officer
Rank Lt. Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 235207.21
Age 48
Birthplace Pike City, Cestus III


If the Mercury's commanding officer Tara Mirza is the cool, collected "head" of the ship, Gabriel Evanston is the "heart" of the crew. Actually older than his commanding officer by a couple of years, he takes on the more "in your face" role as first officer to ensure that the captain's orders are carried out. Unlike Mirza, Evanston had his sights on the command track from day one at the Academy and has served on a variety of vessels before finally ending up on the deep space science vessel in 2391.

He tends to be quite jovial with his colleagues, but he has little patience for laziness and incompetence. A few weeks into the Mercury's first mission after its relaunch, Evanston was particularly disappointed with the poor performance of recent Academy graduate and science officer Jackson Hendricks.

Prologue SIMs to the "Ghost Ship" Mission

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